My wife is a #RealLiveTransAdult who is 45, works at at university, and would love to take your photo. #RealLiveTransAdult, which was started by none other than the amazing Red Durkin, is making the rounds on FB and on Twitter… Continue Reading

Filtered, No Doubt

It turns out that some high schools are filtering out sites like GLAAD’s, or the It Gets Better campaign. Honestly? It just pisses me off. God forbid we help save the lives of at-risk youth; somehow that’s perceived as advanding… Continue Reading

Stay Alive

The 5th LGBT student suicide hit the news today, and that’s only the national ones. There was a young man here in WI who took his life a few weeks ago, too, & I’m sure there are others going unreported… Continue Reading

The End of Suicide Prevention Month

A few days ago, during the last week of September which is Suicide Prevention Month, another LGBTQ teenager killed himself because of bullying. He was 13. First: Please remember that there is always someone to call. The Trevor Project 1-866-488-7386… Continue Reading

Tragedy, Again

If you can bear to read it, there’s a long story about Christine Daniels / Mike Penner in The LA Times. The whole thing is so fucking tragic, a huge waste. There are times I get so pissed off about… Continue Reading