Sports T

All the boldface is my own. The first evidence of this new policy in action was published last year in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Four female athletes, ages 18 to 21, all from developing countries, were investigated… Continue Reading

So Awesome

Canada’s Olympics ad points out the obvious:


8/20 UPDATE: “The storm of emotions going through us was incredible. And if we, accidentally, while congratulating each other, touched lips, excuse me. We think the whole fuss is more of a sick fantasy not grounded in anything.” — Russian… Continue Reading

Stella Walsh, Intersex Olympian

It’s an interesting clip, but this story by Matt Tullis – the story of the intersex Olympian – is ever better, detailing, sympathetically, some of what she and her fans experienced as a result of her autopsy and revelation. Stella… Continue Reading

Sports + Outness

There have been some interesting articles turning up some interesting facts in light of Jason Collins coming out. For starters, he wasn’t the first. Glenn Burke was: Burke made no secret of his sexual orientation to the Dodgers front office,… Continue Reading

CA College Sports

California has just made it possible for trans college students to play as the gender they are instead of as the gender they were declared at birth. It’s a good move, although it’s bound to come with complications.

First Out in Major Sports

It shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is, because the machismo of professional sports keeps so many of these guys in the closet. Not anymore: Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards just came out, and I expect a lot… Continue Reading

The Onion Wins Again

The Onion has saved me from having to say: fuck CNN & their coverage of the Steubenville verdict. (But do sign the petition, which has now collected 200k signatures, and which demands an apology for their rapist-sympathetic coverage.) College Basketball… Continue Reading

Int’l Olympics Sets Sex Policy

Wow, this is huge news. Since Caster Semenya’s case first hit the headlines – which it never should have done for the sake of her privacy – there’s been a lot of speculation about women and competition. That is, there… Continue Reading

Title IX: Equity in Education (Not Just Sports)

I’ve been a self-proclaimed feminist for 20 years now, and it took me a very, very long while to realize that Title IX was not ONLY about sports. It states: No person in the United States shall, on the basis… Continue Reading

Sandusky Convicted

45 out of 48 counts, too.

Sports Illustrated on Trans Athletes

I have to say that this is kind of amazing: Sports Illustrated has taken on the topic of trans athletes. For transgender men and women, the physiological traits that distinguish them as male or female don’t conform to how they… Continue Reading

Go Giants!

I’m watching tonight with a fellow NYer and dedicated Giants fan, once again, of course, to stand in for my dad, who was a huge fan. So: GO GIANTS! Of course no matter who wins, it will be a blue… Continue Reading

& So It Begins…

… Football season, that is. For those of you who don’t live in Wisconsin or in some other place where football is de rigeur, I’m not sure you can understand exactly how awesome a beast football fandom is. I manged… Continue Reading

Trans Triathlete

The NY Times did a story on NY transgender triathlete Chris Mosier, and Mosier followed up with his own article and commentary after the race.

How to Defeat Bigoted Bullshit

What an amazing story: a Brazilian volleyball player was heckled with the chant “faggot” during an uber-important match and was shaken by the incident. He came out – acknowledging that he was gay, & that everyone knew it – and… Continue Reading

ESPN Interview with Kye Allums

Surprisingly sympathetic, no?

Roller Derby Trans Grrrl

I’ve known other (trans) women in roller derbies before, but I’m happy to see an official policy by a women’s organization siding in favor of inclusion. Bethany Johnson said: “We’ve yet to send out a formal press release regarding this,… Continue Reading

Are You Ready for Some Sex Trafficking?

Because I live in Wisconsin where football – or at least Packers – is a state religion, I’ve been poking around the edges of the thing because I don’t get it, and I’m absolutely sure it’s not because I mind… Continue Reading