A Few Questions With… Cameron Whitley

Eleanor Hubbard is the co-editor of the anthology Trans Kin: A Guide for Family and Friends of Transgender People< . I got the chance to ask her a few questions about the book. 1) What encouraged you to create this… Continue Reading

RIP Jeanne Manford, PFLAG Founder

PFLAG’s lovely tribute. I don’t think it’s hard to imagine that. Every day that is still difficult for parents to say. She was a good soul and a good parent then and now. We should all hope to achieve the… Continue Reading

Check It Out: Trans Allies

While I’m sure it can be difficult for some trans people to comprehend, there are a ton of us out there who were incredibly offended by Gold’s piece for Bilerico. One of those people is Peter Toscano, who asked for… Continue Reading

Madison, WI: SOFFA Support Group Starting

It’s always so good to hear when another partner support group starts! Go Madison! Just to let you know there is a SOFFA support group starting in Madison. It will meet every other Tuesday evening, 7p-9p, beginning January 19. It… Continue Reading