A Kind of Valentine’s Day Present

I just discovered reviews of both My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I Married by Samantha Anne Perrin, and they were a lovely reminder of what I do, and honestly, in reading the list of quotes she pulled… Continue Reading

Amazon Filters Out Queer/Sex Books

Not books about queer sex per se, although I’m sure those are included, but books about sexuality and/or queer topics, have lost their rankings at amazon.com. Mine included. As Mark Probst reported, they are removing the rankings of these books… Continue Reading

Jose O. Sucuzhanay

I mentioned, in She’s Not the Man I Married, that someone may not be gendered in American way when I wrote about looking around at people on the subway. Tonight I read, in the NYT, that a young Ecuadorean man… Continue Reading


The thing about being away is that you miss a lot of important news, like Ike and poor Gilchrist, TX; or the fact that Palin dropped 10 approval points over the weekend, or, most sadly, that novelist David Foster Wallace… Continue Reading

Writing While Listening

I wrote most of My Husband Betty while listening to Rufus Wainwright‘s music, which is one of the reasons I thanked him in the foreword of that book. She’s Not the Man I Married took motivating music; things like “Go… Continue Reading

Top Ten Trans Reads

Out Magazine recently put together a really asinine list of transgender books for their transgender issue. I haven’t seen the issue, but the list doesn’t really inspire me to go buy it, either, since Myra Breckinridge is on it. For… Continue Reading

Whipping Girl

The Lambda Literary Foundation’s list of finalists for the 2007 Lammies is out, and She’s Not the Man I Married didn’t make the cut. And I’m okay with that; it can be a little tiring to see how even trans… Continue Reading


Today Betty and I are doing our encore performance at Lawrence University – back by popular demand! – since last time around, the room was more than 50% over its seating limit and many people couldn’t get in. We’ll start… Continue Reading


Recently, someone from Brazil inquired as to whether or not a Portuguese translation of My Husband Betty existed. Sadly, the answer is no. Neither is there a Spanish or Japanese version — which are the ones I’m most often asked… Continue Reading


A great, much-needed and overdue article on the intersections of transness and race by Daisy Hernandez at ColorLines: Louis Mitchell expected a lot of change when he began taking injections of hormones eight years ago to transition from a female… Continue Reading

Not Mine

I just found out that my publishers missed the deadline to nominate my book She’s Not the Man I Married for a Lambda Literary Award. Considering that it’s probably the only award that has a Transgender category at all, I’m… Continue Reading

The Uses of ‘Pretty’ – Part II

A long time ago, I wrote a piece about “pretty” that eventually became a section of She’s Not the Man I Married that in turn, our resident board moderator Donna recently referred to when recounting a moment where she looked… Continue Reading

Fear of Flying

Okay, so those of you who know me know I hate flying, & haven’t flown in a couple of years. Interestingly, perhaps, the last time I flew was also to Denver Airport, for Betty’s family reunion, which was maybe summer… Continue Reading

Good News

After Avalon was bought by Perseus and Perseus eliminated the Thunder’s Mouth Press imprint altogether, I was wondering – and worried – as to what would happen to My Husband Betty, since it was published by Thunder’s Mouth. Lo &… Continue Reading

The Importance of Being Earnest, or Accurate, or Both

A reviewer recently misquoted me as having written that I was called a “dyke” when I was a kid, when in fact the word I used was “butch.” That mistake, while minor on the surface, has got me thinking. The… Continue Reading

Borders in Albany

Here are a couple of photos from the Borders reading up in Albany: <<< the first of me with a nice display of She’s Not the Man I Married & the second of us with a bunch >> of friends… Continue Reading


So do I get to be a private person, too? That’s the thought that’s been going through my head lately, since a partner in another online group for partners I belonged to recently commented that she was feeling hesitant about… Continue Reading


A lovely review of She’s Not the Man I Married just appeared in a Brooklyn paper called The Indypendent – here’s an excerpt from it: In the end, Boyd writes that despite the obvious discordance, the central issue is whether… Continue Reading

Trans Couples Series

A while back, while writing She’s Not the Man I Married, I realized that there are very, very few love stories out there for us – trans people & their partners. Having been one such couple who were public for… Continue Reading

Cleveland Pt. 1

Thursday 5/24: we left at 4pm in order to arrive in Cleveland at 3:30am on Friday – but of course Amtrak is Amtrak & instead we got in around 5am. Friday 5/25: Diane was kind enough not only to pick… Continue Reading