Two Tune Tuesday: Drugs

I was recently explaining having been straightedge in the mid 80s to friends who’d never heard of it, and heard tell that these days, straightedge kids drink but don’t do any illegal drugs, & to that I say: feh. The… Continue Reading

RIP Malcolm McLaren

Oh, punk impressario: you put a 14 year old naked on the cover of an album, ripped off cultures in the great British imperialist tradition, & stole the Ants from Adam. But punk wouldn’t have been punk without him. The… Continue Reading

More on the Cis

The thing is, I love the anger in the trans community. I’m an old school punk rocker; anger is in my blood. So stay angry. Just don’t, as my mother would say, let it cut off your nose to spite… Continue Reading


It’s a lot of death in a week: first Ed McMahon, who we knew was ailing; then Farrah Fawcett, who was fighting her illness with bravery and in the spotlight, and then Michael Jackson – who was always ailing, invisibly.… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: The Damned

In honor of them playing in NYC last week, when I *wasn’t there dammit* here’s some tunes from The Damned, who threaten retirement every couple of years. I’ve seen at least two Farewell tours, maybe a decade apart, at places… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Punk Grrls

Loved both these songs back in the day, & not just for the kickass women who sang them (Poly Styrene & Ari Up) but for the lyrics. Oh Bondage! Up Yours! by X-Ray Spex, and Typical Girls by The Slits.

Two Tune Tuesday: Gypsies

Maybe it’s because I live in Brooklyn. Maybe it’s Tod A’s fault. Either way, this whole punk gypsy business makes me swoon. Here’s Devotchka & Gogol Bordello.

Best of Cramps / Happy Valentine

Since people have asked, here’s a few of the best Cramps songs… okay, my favorites. & The last one is just – well, why not? I have to dedicate the 4th song to my dad. He was driving me somewhere… Continue Reading


Wow I have been busy, only finding out today, care of Penny on the MHB boards, that Lux Interior died this past week. He was half of the band The Cramps, well-loved punk rock psychedelic rockabilly band. Yes, that all… Continue Reading

Blogger Initiative

As many of you know, I was at the LGBT Bloggers’ Initiative this past weekend, feeling simultaneously like the new kid on the block and the old whore. Many of my fellow bloggers – I realized during a presentation on… Continue Reading

Good Riddance, 2007 – #12

2007’s Biggest Oversight in Preserving NYC’s Cultural History: Allowing CBGB to close its doors.

Haircut for 2

For the first time in a dog’s age, Betty & I are both getting haircuts tomorrow. Maybe I’ll post photos. Maybe I won’t. I’m sure we’ll look – oh, exactly the same as ever. Pretty much. So does anyone else… Continue Reading

Goodbye Hilly

In some small way, this explains why Hilly Krystal gave up fighting to keep CBGB open, despite his wish that the club survive him. On your way, Hilly, to that garage band bar in the sky. R.I.P. Hilly Krystal, 1932… Continue Reading

I’m Your Girl.

A woman on Hardball keeps referring to Hillary Clinton as a “radical feminist.” Um, for the record, Hillary Clinton is not & never was a radfem. Nope. Not. At. All. What’s interesting is seeing an African American woman defend the… Continue Reading

Gogol Bordello, Wanderlust Kings

They didn’t disappoint, though that was nearly a low energy performance for them. They’ve been described as gypsy punk but I think of them more as the slavic Pogues – the insane, charismatic lead singer, huge folk influences, a gigantic… Continue Reading

Gogol Bordello

If anyone is up this late, one of my recent favorite bands, Gogol Bordello, is going to be on David Letterman. They’re something like gypsy punk. More after they’re on.

Long, Loud Summer

The folks over at Wolfgang’s Vault just put up a ’78 Ramones gig that is so damned great – and very much what their live shows were like: practically no breaks, DeeDee’s “1-2-3-4!” about the only ‘between songs’ chatter, and… Continue Reading

Just a Shy Young Woman

In an interesting review of the book College Girls: Bluestockings, Sex Kittens, and Co-Eds, Then and Now that appeared in the April 2007 Atlantic Monthly, reviewer Caitlin Flanagan paraphrases the author, Lynn Peril: She arrived (at the University of Wisconsin,… Continue Reading


On Wednesday night, I did the Nobody Passes reading at Bluestockings, the radical/feminist LES bookstore. As the room was filling up I leaned over to Betty and said, “I feel like I’m in a Williamsburg subway station” because of the… Continue Reading

Reconciling Past Selves

the threads on wasted youth and teen photos have had me thinking about the idea of reconciling past selves. & i think sometimes trans folk think they corner the market on this one, but i know a lot of different… Continue Reading