Writer’s Digest

There’s an article in this month’s Writer’s Digest about “Alternative Fare” and specifically the LGBT markets in publishing, and I was interviewed for the T section. Boyd points out that people of variant sexuality have always appeared in literature. “There… Continue Reading

Tim Gunn

Does anyone else want to volunteer to be on Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style? Every time I watch it I think about writing them a letter. But then I think – dresses & skirts are in his required wardrobe. As… Continue Reading

Monica Helms: The DNC Is Ready for Us

In this essay posted on Monica Roberts’ TransGriot blog, Monica Helms of the Transgender Americans Veterans Association (TAVA) talks about her experiences working with the DNC which she concludes by writing: What I personally would like to see is an… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Eli Clare

Eli Clare is the author of Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation (South End Press, 1999) and has been widely published. He has walked across the United States for peace, coordinated a rape prevention program and co-organized the first-ever… Continue Reading

Victoria Arellano

I just happened to be catching up on my Feministing reading when I discovered a post by Jessica Hoffman about the death of trans inmate Victoria Arellano (or Arrelano) who was denied her AIDS medication and then Hoffman followed up… Continue Reading

Cats, Quilting, & Publishing Mysteries

For the aspiring authors out there, an interview with a book contracts insider. Most interesting to me: While few of us would turn down a big advance if we were lucky enough to get one, but if you’re aiming to… Continue Reading

Curve Interview: Me & Julia

In Curve magazine’s current issue (Vol. 17, #8), there’s an interview with me and Julia Serano aptly titled “A Queer Three-way.” The interviewer was Curve editor Diane Anderson-Minshall.

Spiders & Rats

Do you know when everything around you seems to be trying to tell you something? I caught Spiderman 2 on TV the other day, never having seen it in the theatres (because I don’t get around to seeing anything in… Continue Reading

Just Call Us Workhorses

A New York magazine profile of Random House revealed a few gems about publishing, among them: Best Ways to Make Money: Underpay writers. Two thirds of Random House’s income comes from paperbacks, which retail for about $10. Of that, $5… Continue Reading

Seal(ed) Press

On top of everything else, I got the news today that in addition to TMP and C&G having been vaporized last week, my well-loved Seal Press has just been severely cut: five of seven people lost their jobs, and this… Continue Reading

Perseus Reorganizes Avalon

As some of you may remember, Avalon Publishing Group – my publisher – were bought by Perseus Books a few months back, and today they announced the news that my first imprint, Thunder’s Mouth Press, is being disbanded. It’s part… Continue Reading

Scientists announce they’re ten years away from an effective speculum warmer.

From the all-women edition of The Onion, this headline: Women Now Empowered By Everything A Woman Does & Don’t miss the Mother’s Day cards, & this unfortunately too-true publishing update.


What is it about upcoming birthdays that makes you reconsider every decision you’ve ever made? Betty & I, despite our protestations, are getting a little too close to the big 4-0 these days for our own comfort. I can’t speak… Continue Reading

Letter to a Hopeful Writer

I get a lot of emails from people who want to publish a book, which is an entirely different thing from wanting to write, and that’s a distinction hopefuls should be clear on. Writing is something more like a calling… Continue Reading

A Little Rant

Sometimes a book gets inordinate attention, especially books that reaffirm & reify the gender binary. But there’s plenty of interesting books about gender out there. & Some days, when I see a review of the book The Female Brain in… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Virginia Erhardt

Virginia Erhardt, Ph.D. is a licensed therapist, a founding member of the American Gender Institute, and the author of Head Over Heels: Wives Who Stay with Crossdressers and Transsexuals. She published her first article concerning the partners of trans people… Continue Reading

First Event Coverage

Ethan Jacobs of Bay Windows did a great job summarizing my keynote speech at First Event. Thanks to him for the coverage and to all of you who stayed to listen.

AMS, PGW, Avalon & Perseus

The big news in publishing is that AMS (American Marketing Services), the company that owned one of the biggest book distributors in the country, PGW (Publishers Group West), filed for bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago. It’s huge news because… Continue Reading

Cool Editor

My fantastic editor, Brooke Warner, just posted a short piece about feminist anthologies – and on young women and feminism in general – over at Feministing.

The System

So I said the other day that I have a system for seeing what change I will try to effect for myself in the upcoming year. I came up with it a couple of years ago when I realized I… Continue Reading