A Kind of Valentine’s Day Present

I just discovered reviews of both My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I Married by Samantha Anne Perrin, and they were a lovely reminder of what I do, and honestly, in reading the list of quotes she pulled… Continue Reading

My Husband Bitchy

Every once in a while, I will hear that some MTF trans person has vigorously insisted that I am a bitter feminist nightmare and that no married crossdressser or transitioning transsexual should “let” their wives read My Husband Betty. Really,… Continue Reading

Alcohol Poisoning

I’ve been drinking. Sadly, it was a lot of the same old same old: cursory interest in parent, partner, & children. The kids were adorable. The wife was determined. The father was exhausted. Multiple shots and references to surgery, instead.… Continue Reading

Trans Documentary Drinking Game

In light of the documentary about Chloe Prince that will air tomorrow night, I thought we should all be prepared for what looks like it’s going to be a doozy of a predictable documentary. So, the rules, such as they… Continue Reading

High Tech Nerds R Us

In this cool article about Massachusetts’ push for transgender civil rights, the great geek/trans intersection is once again revealed: In her office down the hall, Zircher, who holds many software patents, has three computer screens and two keyboards. On the… Continue Reading


In response to this last post, I received this short email: “My Husband Betty: Love, Sex, and Life with a Crossdresser” This is where you loose me Helen. You say you don’t use words like “Husband or Wife”….but then you… Continue Reading

Map the Fallen

Thanks to MHB boardie Viva Zoya, I’ve found Map the Fallen – an online tool to track where the soldiers who have died were from. There’s also a cool Twitter campaign in honor of the recently fallen.

Sex Resources for Trans Women

Today’s Feministing “Ask Professor Foxy” column is from a trans woman who can’t find good sex resources for her. I’ve made a few suggestions, but maybe you all know other good places to check. So far I’ve recommended: the sexuality… Continue Reading

Amazon Filters Out Queer/Sex Books

Not books about queer sex per se, although I’m sure those are included, but books about sexuality and/or queer topics, have lost their rankings at amazon.com. Mine included. As Mark Probst reported, they are removing the rankings of these books… Continue Reading


Wow I have been busy, only finding out today, care of Penny on the MHB boards, that Lux Interior died this past week. He was half of the band The Cramps, well-loved punk rock psychedelic rockabilly band. Yes, that all… Continue Reading

The Boards

The mHB message boards are back up.

The Boards

The mHB message boards are down for now, & will probably go back up sometime this weekend. There was a bit too much acrimony going on for us to manage with very limited internet access and we needed to talk… Continue Reading


One of the partners on our MHB boards mentioned recently that she’d never apply for an LGBT scholarship, because she doesn’t identify as LGBT, and it reminded me that I never told the story about me & the LGBT Blogger… Continue Reading

Congrats to Diego Sanchez

Congratulations to Diego Sanchez for his new appointment as Barney Frank’s senior policy advisor. There are misgivings, of course, precisely because Sanchez has worked with HRC & crossed picket lines in SF to speak at an HRC dinner (when even… Continue Reading

Party with MHB

Some of the lovely folks at the MHB forums went out tonight for a little holiday gathering – dinner & conversation followed by drinks at a bar on 14th Street – and it was truly lovely. Thank you all for… Continue Reading

Letter To a Wife

My friend Shirene, who I met while I was researching My Husband Betty, and at a SPICE conference to boot, has contined to work with wives who have just found out their husbands are crossdressers. She wrote this letter recently… Continue Reading

Not a Goomba*

I was just bitching on the MHB boards that nearly all the only portrayals of Italian-Americans is mafia related, and people pointed out a few others – like did you know Elaine on Seinfeld was supposed to be Catholic? Nice… Continue Reading


I was poking around recently, trying to find out about a PSA that we’d been discussing in the mHB forums lately which is about trying to discourage kids to say “that’s so gay” when they mean “that’s not cool” when… Continue Reading

Albanian Sworn Virgins in Decline

The tradition of Albanian Sworn Virgins is dying out, & the implication is that it’s dying out because women can now do things that women weren’t allowed to do before: This is the last generation of sworn virgins, according to… Continue Reading

Prince Charming

Thanks to Emily on the mhb message boards for this one, antfans: