Calpernia Addams on Acting, Trans, and Representation

Calpernia Addams – the “Callie Adams” Jared Leto thanked from the stage at the Oscars – wrote a piece about trans people, representation, and Hollywood that I think is worth reading. Jared Leto was kind enough to mention me in… Continue Reading

Sevigny’s Killer Role

So there’s a new series with a trans woman as killer heroine. Expected criticisms? they should have found a trans woman to play her ugh, trans as killer is way overdone and so 80s amongst others. That said, to me… Continue Reading

The Bechdel Test

This article on women characters in movies – skip to the end – is very funny. I think her Ethereal Weirdo is my favorite, although I will admit to having women like her. They’re usually stoners. I’ve always thought of… Continue Reading

Incipito Inception

Inception is a cool, cool movie – meaty enough for someone who prefers novels – there are moments you actually feel lost in its world(s) – and yet has all sorts of chase scenes, gun battles, & explosions. Six Degrees… Continue Reading

Whip It Good?

Has anyone seen this movie? I found it on the Madison Roller Derby Team’s page. How cool is that?

Aeneas Keaton

He’s got a Buster Keaton thing going on, doesn’t he? I think so, but then I’m a big fan of Buster and of Aeneas. He is not so slothful that all he does is rest himself on the slope –… Continue Reading

Korean FTM Documentary

It’s the 1st Korean film about the FTM experience, & it’s called 3xFTM. Here for more details. (h/t to Matty)

Not Atypical Father

My friend Willow directed me to this narrative written by a woman on Father’s Day. I’ve heard too many similar stories for one lifetime. It made me think of that line uttered by Dmitri Karamazov: “There are fathers and there… Continue Reading

Ashley Altadonna

When we were in Milwaukee, we were interviewed for a documentary called Making the Cut. I’m told Julia Serano was, too, when she was there recently as well. The film is being made by a young woman who is trying… Continue Reading

Trans Couples Talk

This is the text of the talk I gave at the Liberty Conference on May 2nd, 2009: How We Love You: Let Us Count the Ways There are partners who are male, female, and trans; there are partners who met… Continue Reading

Help Vicki Marlane

via Susan Stryker: Michelle Lawler is producing a documentary film about Vicki Marlane, a 74-year-old transsexual woman who is an amazing drag performer, and who still puts on two shows a week at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco’s Tenderloin… Continue Reading

Filmed Attack on Peruvian Trans Prostitute

A Peruvian television station was invited to a planned attack on a local prostitute who is a “travesti” – a MTF trans prostitute. It aired on television, and was later aired with a longer segment. Blabbeando covered it, as did… Continue Reading

Holly Would (Play with Gender)

Just got this cool press release which makes me wish I was anywhere near West Hollywood: Grrrl, boi, lezbo, butch, femme, lipstick, drag king, trans, dyke, bulldagger, tomboy, genderqueer, one-way, kiki, power femme … Each generation of lesbians uses new… Continue Reading


I’ve had the remarkable good fortune to teach Freshman Studies at Lawrence this term, which is a class Freshmen take, a kind of critical thinking course. We’ve already talked about Milgram and his obedience studies, and next up is Gilliam’s… Continue Reading

To the Femmes

As a little Christmas present to my lovely wife, and to all of you lovely femmes out there, I thought I’d post this lovely piece I found about a month ago & have been meaning to link to. = and… Continue Reading


How exciting is this? A book called Tomboys: A Literary and Cultural History. Random page quotes: “The link between childhood tomboyism and adult homosexuality might seem to have eradicated this code of conduct from American literature and culture, but the… Continue Reading

Blogger Initiative

As many of you know, I was at the LGBT Bloggers’ Initiative this past weekend, feeling simultaneously like the new kid on the block and the old whore. Many of my fellow bloggers – I realized during a presentation on… Continue Reading

Movie Review: Milk

Here’s a review of Milk, about the life of Harvey Milk, by my friend Doug McKeown. (I haven’t seen it yet but will because of his review.) Let’s get two questions out of the way. Is Milk entertaining? Without qualification.… Continue Reading

Review: She’s a Boy I Knew

A friend of a friend in Lincoln, Nebraska got to see the documentary She’s a Boy I Knew which I’d heard good things about, so I asked her to write a review. by Dr. Pat. Tetreault She’s A Boy I… Continue Reading

Danish Girl’s Wife

It turns out that Nicole Kidman will be playing Lili Elbe in the upcoming movie The Danish Girl. Her wife will be played by Charlize Theron. Thoughts: The movie is based on the book The Danish Girl. With Theron &… Continue Reading