Hobby Lobbied

There’s a part of me that wishes we could all go back to bed and pretend it’s Sunday night so that there would still be a chance these awful rulings wouldn’t have been handed down by the Supreme Court today,… Continue Reading

Trans Health in WA

This is HUGE. Via Gender Justice League and The Seattle Times: In a letter Wednesday to health insurance companies, the state makes clear that it is illegal to discriminate against transgender policyholders under both state law and the federal Affordable… Continue Reading

Gender Binary’s Disservice

This just in from the “We’re not just making this stuff up” department of gender studies, where we don’t actually just talk about how the binary prescribes and proscribes our lives, but even moreso, how it influences and limits medical… Continue Reading

NYC Editorial Board Calls for Manning’s Humane Treatment

This is what I call a Big Fucking Deal: The NYT Editorial Board wrote a piece calling for medical transition care for Private Manning and for other trans prisoners like her, making the important point too that her housing should… Continue Reading

On Vaccinations

I have a lot of friends with children, and I’m increasingly chagrined that my own peers are taking their political views on Big Pharma to a place that puts all of us at greater risk of dying of things we… Continue Reading

Trans Elders

Although the language seems a little dated (“transgendered” and “T-girls” most especially) these seem like worthwhile studies and good for anyone providing medical services for trans people, especially an aging population. The transgendered population confronts a myriad of difficulties which… Continue Reading

Dex and DES

A few years ago it looked likely that we’d discover a drug that might be taken prenatally by mothers whose children might have a high risk of CAH – in order to prevent it. Since CAH is the only intersex… Continue Reading

WI Prison Law & GID

A while back, a federal judge here in Wisconsin ruled that the 2005 Sex Change Prevention Act (really? was that necessary?) was deemed unconstitutional because it represents: “deliberate indifference to the plaintiffs’ serious medical needs in violation of the Eighth… Continue Reading

Meds for Women

It’s pretty ridiculous that most clinical trial leaders effectively ignore the fact that women absorb and metabolize drugs completely differently than men, especially since, according to this study, women use an average of five prescription drugs compared to less than… Continue Reading

Medical Treatment of Trans Youth

This is the kind of progress that is long overdue. Switching gender roles and occasionally pretending to be the opposite sex is common in young children. But these kids are different. They feel certain they were born with the wrong… Continue Reading

Trans Care & Medicare

For those of you on Medicare who are seeking trans-related medical care, NCTE has created a document that can help guide you through what should be covered. Share it with your doctors.

Breeding Out Tomboys

So what do you call it when a female doctor walks into a gene lab & doses all the pregnant mothers with a drug to prevent their daughters from wanting to work in “masculine” careers? Hypocrisy? Insanity? Female chauvinism? Pulling… Continue Reading

Not Vaccines

As it turns out, the risk of Autism has nothing to do with vaccination. It has everything to do with the age of the mom, or in cases where the woman is younger, with the age of the father. In… Continue Reading