Shoulders of Giants

To all the people who started this fight but especially to those who didn’t get to see it end the way it has. So many. Too many.

Thank you.

SCOTUS: DOMA Sucks and So Does Prop 8

Which many of us knew already, but which the SCOTUS has now, finally, ruled on.

So DOMA is no longer Constitutional – equal protection and all that – and the previous ruling that Prop 8 was unconstitutional has been upheld, too.

It’s a good day to be same sex married.

Even for those of us who are same sex married with hetero privilege – we got married when she was still a boy one – it’s a huge relief. It’s not just about the law – it’s about the message: our marriage is equal.

(The rest of us who live in suck states with DOMAs or superDOMAs in the state constitutions have to move next. That includes Wisconsin.)

Romney Signs Pledge Againt Same Sex Marriage

Honestly, if you like me, or anyone who is LGBTQIA-identified, don’t vote for this guy. He hates us.

MD = 8

Maryland just voted through a bill to make same sex marriage legal, with this added detail:

Maryland will become the eighth state to allow gay marriage when Gov. Martin O’Malley, who sponsored the bill, signs the legislation.

Wow. This is pretty much all of the northeast now, just when I moved to the midwest. I would so love to be living in a state where marriage was sane and offered equally to ALL citizens.

This Week’s Progress: NJ

Not only has NJ passed a marriage equality bill through the state house & senate, but they don’t have enough votes to over-ride the governor’s (expected) veto.

That would be 8, folks.

It’s cheering to see so much progress, even while the usual misogynist bullshit comes out of the GOP.

WA Makes it Legal

Governor Gregoire of Washington state signed the marriage equality bill into law tonight. That’s seven down, 43 to go.

Happy Valentine’s Day, queerios! What a lovely, romantic day to make it legal.