Genders and Terminology

Vis a vis yesterday’s post about language and labels and pronouns, there’s this awesome set of photos of LGBTQ* identified people with the ways they identify. Queer Power Bottom Princess Trans Queer Parent Rural Queer Queer Femme Queer Butch Trans… Continue Reading

Crossdressing Room

What a great piece on identity, crossdressing, and the internet: I grew up surrounded by the notion that bodies and identities come in 1:1 ratios: we get a body and an identity. But from as early as I remember, I… Continue Reading

Leave Animals Out of It

I don’t know if many people saw this, but recently, The Washington Times published an attack on identity document changes of the type sought by transgender people: I won’t bother to reproduce their text here, but did want to say:… Continue Reading


I’ve always joked that my using a pen name connects me to the trans community in a way I never expected: I have an “old” name and a current name, and people get irritated if they feel I haven’t told… Continue Reading

This TDOR: Why Not “Tranny”?

& To close this year’s Trasngender Day of Remembrance, a note from Mara Keisling of NCTE on what the day means, why not “tranny,” and what next: The Day of Remembrance, which we commemorate tomorrow, is a time of mourning… Continue Reading

Nevada Forges Ahead

Cassandra Keenan at Bilerico reprots that Nevada has just managed not to require genital reconstructive surgery for a change in gender marker on driver’s licenses. Instead, a doctor gets to fill out a form answering “male” or “female” on what… Continue Reading

New MVA Policy Detrimental to Trans Marylanders

Equality Maryland is Maryland’s largest LGBT civil rights organization. They recently sent out this information about the proposed changes to the rules for changing gender on MD driver’s licenses. The Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) is currently considering an update to… Continue Reading

Jeez Louise This Whole Cisgender Thing

Since Alex Blaze took it on, & since we’ve been discussing this whole “is it okay to call someone who isn’t trans cisgender?” question on the boards, I may as well put it down here. First, I’m going to claim… Continue Reading