Guest Post by Patrick Califia

Patrick Califia posted this yesterday on Facebook, and I thought it was vital to share. I did something today that was really important. It was embarrassing, stressful, maybe even traumatic. But it was still very important for me to make… Continue Reading

WI Trans Youth Study!

This is so exciting – a study of the needs of trans youth in WI. Please get the word out. WI TRANS YOUTH STUDY Are you a transgender or gender nonconforming young person living in Wisconsin? Make sure your voice… Continue Reading

“I Touch Myself” Becomes Breast Cancer PSA

The Divynyls’ Chrissy Amphlett died of breast cancer last year and she wanted her best known song to do some good. The song of female desire is now a song of self-care: = why women rock, pt. 8010.

Trans Health Publication Needs Your Help

Jamison Green & Maddie Deutsch have created a document that will be free and shareable with healthcare professonals — but they need to buy the distribution rights from the publisher. They need $2500 to do it, & they’re well on… Continue Reading


Healthline recently partnered with the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation (TRBF) to launch “You’ve Got This” – a video campaign that encourages HIV patients to give hope and advice to the recently diagnosed. So I thought it was long overdue to… Continue Reading

Appleton Domestic Partner Benefits

I just got this note from Katie Belander of FAIR WI. As you all know, I was one of the “local LGBT leaders” who spoke at this Appleton Common Council meeting in favor of the city granting domestic partner benefits.… Continue Reading

Appleton City Employees Get Domestic Partner Benefits

It looks like such a humdrum shot, doesn’t it? City Council votes are notoriously unexciting, even if and when the debate gets a little heated. That is, the votes go up on the screen, and no one hoots or hollers… Continue Reading

Institute of Medicine Recommends Studying LGBT Health Needs

& That’s not an April Fool’s joke! Honestly, you’d expect it would be, but it’s not: the IOM released a report that in order to address LGBT health disparities, LGBT health issues need to be studied further. Seems nutty, right,… Continue Reading

Don’t Be Distracted: Women’s Lives Are at Stake

Egypt is fascinating and amazing and cool, and it’s easy to enjoy the good news of democracy in progress. That said, ours is being battered here in the US. The “forcible rape” language has not yet been removed, for instance.… Continue Reading

Discrimination by Medical Personnel

Sadly, a sickening case of discrimination just happened at a hospital in Indiana. This treatment is the kind we all fear.

Fordham Gets Hip

I went to Fordham for a split second, and it’s cool to see the university is finally giving health benefits to same-sex partners: Faculty members fought for four years to extend equal benefits for every member of the faculty, regardless… Continue Reading

Not Vaccines

As it turns out, the risk of Autism has nothing to do with vaccination. It has everything to do with the age of the mom, or in cases where the woman is younger, with the age of the father. In… Continue Reading

DSM V Preview

For those of you who are following the DSM revision controversy as it unfolds, here is a recently launched website by the Association for Women in Psychology Committee on Bias in Psychiatric Diagnosis, spearheaded by Paula Caplan. It takes on… Continue Reading

Comedians Make the Point

Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will Ferrell

“And the next day they were dead.”

Have people seen this video of Tom Duane arguing to cap the cost of shelters? It’s amazing.

Health Insurance

I’ve talked to a bunch of people about health insurance in this country but I want to talk about how it goes for someone like me. I don’t think anyone can argue that I don’t contribute, am a deadbeat. I’m… Continue Reading

America Needs Health Insurance

If you know anyone who is buying the bullshit about involuntary euthanasia for older people or *whatever* bullshit is out there, just have them watch this: You can read about it, too, at HuffPo. As an American, it makes me… Continue Reading

Matt Barber’s Lobotomy Was Covered, Apparently

Matt Barber, the former policy director of Concerned Women for America, is raising the bogeyman of funding for trans genital surgeries being covered by the health care proposed by the Obama administration. As a commenter at Pam’s House Blend has… Continue Reading

Needs Health Care

Please show your support for President Obama’s efforts to fix healthcare in this country.

No More Abstinence Only Funding

This morning, the House Appropriations Committee’s subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education (Labor HHS) eliminated traditional sources of funding for abstinence-only programs by passing the appropriations bill for FY 2010. The Labor HHS subcommittee and the Obama… Continue Reading