For Milwaukee

We had a great time in Milwaukee this past weekend: a gathering of LGBT people on Saturday night, a sex workshop at The Tool Shed on Sunday, and then a workshop on gender variance Monday afternoon followed by a 7PM… Continue Reading

Us in Milwaukee This Weekend!

What we’ll be up to: Saturday, 4/18: talk for Milwaukee LGBT on trans relationships, 6-9 PM, Martin Luther Church Sunday, 4/19: a talk on sex & relationships at The Tool Shed, 5 – 6:30 PM Monday, 4/20: Gender Variance Workshop… Continue Reading

We’re Gonna Make It!

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I’m going to Milwaukee for the first time, & for me, Milwaukee is always going to be Laverne & Shirley’s city. What I’ll be up to: Saturday, 4/18: talk for Milwaukee LGBT on trans relationships,… Continue Reading

Gender Variance 280

I’m very happy to go back to teaching on Monday, & this time around, I’m teaching a class on Gender Variance which fulfills a writing requirement, to boot. Included on the syllabus: Hirschfeld’s Theory of Intermediaries, The Member of the… Continue Reading

Last OC Column, or That Was Quick

Easy come, easy go: I got word last week that is no longer, or will soon be no longer, or will no longer be updated, or something like that. So no, I wasn’t fired; everyone was. So here’s the… Continue Reading

Guest Author : Mercedes Allen

(crossposted in several places, and people are welcome to forward this on freely to others in the transgender and GLBT communities, as I see this as being very serious — Mercedes) A short time ago, I’d discussed the movement to… Continue Reading

On ENDA, on National Coming Out Day

This is the text of the talk I gave in Denver on Tuesday. It probably won’t surprise anyone that I’ve been busting at the seams wanting to have a say in all of the dialogue going on about ENDA. At… Continue Reading

The Importance of Being Earnest, or Accurate, or Both

A reviewer recently misquoted me as having written that I was called a “dyke” when I was a kid, when in fact the word I used was “butch.” That mistake, while minor on the surface, has got me thinking. The… Continue Reading

Princess Amygdala

How do we know with transness that there isn’t just something in the brain that’s mistaken? I don’t mean that in a bad way. I say that from the position of someone whose body was gender variant due to a… Continue Reading

Shapes, Not Lines

The question of whether or not gender is on a continuum or not comes up an awful lot in trans conversation, and I’ve always been of the opinion that it does. Others don’t necessarily agree. But for me, having been… Continue Reading

About 20/20

So I’m still thinking about the 20/20 show that was on a few weeks ago about young kids coming out as trans. & The thing I can’t quite get past is how many people who are gender variant grow up… Continue Reading

Maypoles, Martyrs, and Mary’s Head

Happy May Day, no matter how you celebrate it: In the Roman Catholic tradition, May is observed as Mary’s month, and May Day is usually a celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this connection, Mary’s head (in works of… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Virginia Erhardt

Virginia Erhardt, Ph.D. is a licensed therapist, a founding member of the American Gender Institute, and the author of Head Over Heels: Wives Who Stay with Crossdressers and Transsexuals. She published her first article concerning the partners of trans people… Continue Reading

One Big Answer

A recent conversation on the boards brought up the whole ‘brain sex’ debate again, and what I want to know is why all of these studies or conclusions need to be so mutually exclusive? Isn’t it possible for one person… Continue Reading

4th Preview of She’s Not the Man I Married

Excerpt from Chapter 4 – Snips & Snails & Sugar & Spice: Gender variant heterosexuals often are the people others gossip about, the ones that people mumble are just closet cases married to each other. Those slightly feminine older bachelors… Continue Reading

Guest Author: Michelle York

Des Scènes dans le Chemin Moyen So, I’ve been thinking about this middle way stuff oh these last three or four…years. When I was married, it was to find an accomodation with my wife that would make us both happy;… Continue Reading

“Foreign” Chemicals

For various reasons of my own, I was doing some light reading on sex differentiation and H-Y antigens and I came upon a wiki article about fraternal birth order, which says: “It is hypothesized that the fraternal birth order effect… Continue Reading

Guest Author: Gracie

Gracie wrote this piece in response to Donna’s question about internal gender identity, and I really liked it. I don’t feel that I’ll ever be a woman or know what it’s like to feel like a woman because I wasn’t… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson was born in Fayetteville, Georgia, and her first venture into rock n roll was as a Christian rocker. But at the age of 21 she followed her star to New York, where she formed the Steve Friday band.… Continue Reading

From the Mailbag

Dear Helen, First, let me say that i thought your book < My Husband, Betty > was excellent. I’m not a crossdresser myself and had figured that out before i read your book, but since a friend of mine’s picture… Continue Reading