Nat Geo Trans Special

A couple of nights ago, National Geographic TV screened an hour long special on trans experience. Here’s the preview: I haven’t found the full version online yet, but if you do, let me know.

Low T

There’s a testosterone shortage in effect which is being felt particularly in Canada but by some US men as well. That said, here’s a great post on testosterone shortages, including what you can do when they happen. There’s also a… Continue Reading

ATM Blog

Just discovered the blog American Trans Man, which, according to its description, is: written by a FTM trans scientist who supplies information about different biological and genetic aspects of being transgender with a focus on the transmasculine. I’m especially pleased… Continue Reading

Thai Tomboy

A new clothing store catering to tomboys and FTM spectrum people has opened in Bankgkok. “At first people probably thought it was crazy,” said Supamas “Jean” Sirimoungkalavanit, owner of Tom Chic shop. “It was quite understandable to get such responses… Continue Reading

One Parent’s Path

It’s rare to see an article by a parent about a child’s transition, much less one that openly struggles with the issues a religious faith brings into the mix. Inwardly I wrestled with the changes in my child: shoulders broadening,… Continue Reading

More Trans in the NYT

Wow: Amos Mac and Original Plumbing magazine get a profile in the NYT. For those of you who think nothing has changed, and the media suck on trans issues, honestly: it’s just not true. These are huge changes, huge progress.

Book: Letters For My Brothers

Matt Kailey – whose Tranifesto blog is worth checking out – is one of the contributors to the book Letters For My Brothers: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect. < /em>Other contributors include Jamison Green, Raven Kaldera, Aaron Devor, Lou Sullivan, and… Continue Reading

Amos Mac + Original Plumbing Magazine

How I miss Brooklyn and its hipsters, especially all the queerios and genderf***ers. (I know it’s fashionable to mock hipsters, but I was one before it was a pejorative.) Either way, Amos Mac lives in Brooklyn now, and he publishes… Continue Reading

Not Just Amanda Simpson

From the “there goes the MTF end of things sucking all the air out of the room again” division: in fact there were two trans people appointed by the Obama administration in late November. The difficulty arose because Simpson is… Continue Reading

Trans Documentary Drinking Game

In light of the documentary about Chloe Prince that will air tomorrow night, I thought we should all be prepared for what looks like it’s going to be a doozy of a predictable documentary. So, the rules, such as they… Continue Reading

Korean FTM Documentary

It’s the 1st Korean film about the FTM experience, & it’s called 3xFTM. Here for more details. (h/t to Matty)

Remember Them as Soldiers

What bugs me about this NPR story about a Civil War soldier is that the people who live in the town Albert Casher, nee Jennie Hodgers, are embarrassed by who s/he was: Dina says some residents believe that embracing the… Continue Reading

Surveys for FTMs, Partners of FTMs

These surveys are being conducted by Jamison Green, and I certainly don’t think I have to attest to his coolness, do I? For the guys. For their partners. If you are a trans man who has been partnered to another… Continue Reading

Spanish Language Trans PSA

I don’t read/speak Spanish myself, but was sent this by someone who does: Surprising campaign, under the auspices of the (Chilean goverment’s) Division of Social Organizations (they provide grants and help to NGO’s) and the communications division of the Metro… Continue Reading


Today, while getting my hair cut, I mentioned to my newest hairdresser that my partner is transgendered. And he asked how long he’s been on T. I’ve noticed that I am more consistently clocked as the lesbian partner of an… Continue Reading


Two female customers at a gay bar attack two trans guys in DC’s Dupont Circle. I mean, attack: whiplash and concussion. Presumably the two women were lesbians but since we don’t know that for certain, I’m not going to say… Continue Reading

Partners’ Resources

One of the partners who posts regularly on our forums has put together a list of online resources for partners, which she’s posted on the TransOhio website. How cool is that? When I first went online as the girlfriend of… Continue Reading

SCC Failure

A recent blog post written by someone who attended SCC reminds me, again, that whoever is in charge of partners’ events at SCC isn’t doing their job. The only thing that I attended that did not live up to my… Continue Reading

Partners, Talking

On BBC, an interview with the (female) partner of an MTF and the (male) partner of an FTM is worth listening to. Though I will say the FTM in question turned into a jackass, not a man. Most interesting to… Continue Reading

More Death Shows: Cold Case

I watch a lot of death shows, as I call them – the forensics, the procedurals, the investiigation shows. I’m a big fan of Cold Case, especially: the premise is that they have to take on a cold case –… Continue Reading