But… Drag Queens.

The other day I posted and commented on an article about the way language is used in the LGBTQ+ communities, specifically about the way gay men often insist that “tranny” is not a slur even though they would never be… Continue Reading

Happy Creepy Halloween

This is my newest Best Thing Ever. (Here are some other versions of it. From what I can figure out, the performer’s name is Ryan Nobles Domingo, but if anyone knows more, let me know.)

NYC Drag Photos

With many recent exhibitions, screenings and publications, the queer community, particularly in New York, seems to be on an archival bent, mapping a genealogy of various aspects of LGBTQ history. Not only is queer culture experiencing archive fever, but the… Continue Reading

Sons of Tennessee Williams

This looks great. Queens all over the country were the ones who got the crossdressing laws off the books.

The Drag Show

Tonight is Lawrence’s Drag Show, put on by (mostly) LGBTQIAA students, and I think it’s the 4th (5th?) one I’ve been here for. I haven’t missed one. I get to go whether or not I drag anyone with me, and… Continue Reading

GaGa’s Drag King Performance

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music, Lady Gaga She stayed in drag & accepted the “best female performance” award in drag, too, which I can’t help but appreciate. I can’t stand the song – ugh, rock ballads. So what’s the vote?… Continue Reading

The Revolution: Taylor Mac

Lawrence King was killed in 2008 and Taylor Mac performed this piece that same year – the very first year I taught Transgender Lives at Lawrence. Ever since then I’ve shown this video, but somehow failed to put it here.… Continue Reading

Mad About the Boy: Yul Brynner in Drag

No one ever believes me that Yul Brynner did drag, so here’s proof. He was Jean Cocteau’s opium runner, after all; it’s not like he was squeaky clean. I think he did this just to prove he was the sexiest… Continue Reading

Questioning Photos

At the TransOhio “Fabulously Fluid” performance night, I got to see Adam Apple do a fantastic performance based on Dylan’s signs that was intense & personal, & made a whole bunch of us in the audience cry. This series of… Continue Reading

Kumar: Indian Drag Queen in Singapore

Kumar is an Indian drag queen who works & lives in Singapore. A documentary about hir was broadcast in 2006 that’s found its way to YouTube. Here’s Part One, Part Two & Part Three and you can see hir do… Continue Reading


In response to this last post, I received this short email: “My Husband Betty: Love, Sex, and Life with a Crossdresser” This is where you loose me Helen. You say you don’t use words like “Husband or Wife”….but then you… Continue Reading

Five News Stories

Fairfax High School elected a male student Prom Queen. Tom Ackerman, a gay man, has vowed to call his friends’ wives their girlfriends, because he’s decided his religious views don’t allow him to recognize opposite-sex marriage. The New Scientist tells… Continue Reading

Trans Couples Talk

This is the text of the talk I gave at the Liberty Conference on May 2nd, 2009: How We Love You: Let Us Count the Ways There are partners who are male, female, and trans; there are partners who met… Continue Reading

Help Vicki Marlane

via Susan Stryker: Michelle Lawler is producing a documentary film about Vicki Marlane, a 74-year-old transsexual woman who is an amazing drag performer, and who still puts on two shows a week at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco’s Tenderloin… Continue Reading

Holly Would (Play with Gender)

Just got this cool press release which makes me wish I was anywhere near West Hollywood: Grrrl, boi, lezbo, butch, femme, lipstick, drag king, trans, dyke, bulldagger, tomboy, genderqueer, one-way, kiki, power femme … Each generation of lesbians uses new… Continue Reading

Drag Day

Today is the 1st annual Drag Day at Lawence University. Okay, it’s just the first, but I’m hoping it’s not the last. The students in my Trans Lives course expressed a desire to play with gender, and I thought it’d… Continue Reading

Letter To a Wife

My friend Shirene, who I met while I was researching My Husband Betty, and at a SPICE conference to boot, has contined to work with wives who have just found out their husbands are crossdressers. She wrote this letter recently… Continue Reading

Sunday Night Shimmy

An old friend of mine is in town, and she was asked to guest drum at a bellydance performance tonight. As I’ve rarely gotten to see her drum, I went, & dragged my sister with me. (Betty, sadly, is not… Continue Reading

Me, Victorian Prude

I was reading over at feministing.com about casual sex, & read a recent bulletin from GenderPAC about the increase in Purity Balls, & then was mourning over the loss of another trans woman who got beaten to death by a… Continue Reading

Dallas: Another LGBt Rift

A gay bar, and its gay bar owner, have decided to ban drag queens and trans women from their “Trashy Tuesday” night – exactly because the bar night is so crowded that they don’t have time to babysit the bad… Continue Reading