Marc Theda Bara Bolan

I did decide, after seeing the Theda Bara documentary, that Marc Bolan was her reincarnation. (Or a better guess is that Bolan knew about Bara, & was borrowing her vamp for his stage persona.) What’s interesting to me is that… Continue Reading

Kids These Days

At least here at Merrimack, they’ve got it good, even though they probably don’t know what’s right under their noses. They get free films, for instance. I’ve been going to see them, which is kind of funny considering I don’t… Continue Reading

San Quentin Trans

There are interviews with two transgender prisoners in the MSNBC documentary about San Quentin. They’re both positive about being there, and one woman in particular is pretty pleased that she can live with her husband in prison.

Italian Anarchists on Trial, Again

A new documentary about Sacco & Vanzetti opens this weekend in New York. & No, in case you’re wondering, their case has nothing to do with gender. I’ve been a student of their case since I first read a reference… Continue Reading

Jennifer Finney Boylan’s Southern Comfort Speech

Thanks to Ms. Boylan for allowing me to reproduce it here; this is the complete & unedited version. Hi everybody. Gosh, look at you all. You all look fantastic from up here. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a… Continue Reading

No Sissy Stuff

I was just watching a documentary about Gene Kelly, who my mom always loved & who I came to love watching as well, and they mentioned that in 1958 he did a TV show called Dancing: A Man’s Game which… Continue Reading

PBS Pride Shows

Just a reminder to check out your local PBS schedule during June. Our local PBS channel has been showing some great shows for Pride Month: things like back to back episodes of In The Life, a celebration for Oscar Wilde’s… Continue Reading

Blame It on Bill Irwin

Last night, after hearing from one of my preview readers that the first chapters of my new book come off as dispassionate, I sat around a little overwhelmed, a little frustrated, & a little sad. Not because she was wrong,… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Josey Vogels

Josey Vogels is the author of the nationally syndicated relationships column My Messy Bedroom and the dating advice column Dating Girl. She has published five books on sex and relationships – the most recent is entitled Bedside Manners: Sex Etiquette… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Bradford Louryk

Bradford Louryk created and performs in Christine Jorgensen Reveals – as Christine Jorgensen herself. In the play, he lipsynchs a recorded interview with Jorgensen that was conducted by Nipsey Russell and recorded in 1958. The show, as directed by John… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Calpernia Addams

Calpernia Addams is in some ways the woman that so many transwomen aspire to be because she’s beautiful, talented, outspoken and smart. But her story is also the story of a Soldier’s Girl and came with more than its share… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Susan Stryker

Susan Stryker is a researcher, writer, queer historian, artist, and a filmmaker. She is the former executive director of the GLBT Historical Society of Northern California, and a former history columnist for Planet Out. She has written and co-authored books… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Brianna Austin

Brianna Austin is a freelance writer for magazines such as, Lady Like, Girl Talk, Girls Club Reporter, TG Crossroads, Jazz Review, and Music Press. She is about to co-launch a new website with Gina Lance called We first… Continue Reading

The Aggressives

Betty and I got to see a documentary called The Aggressives on Friday night at BAM, which is screening a weekend of the best of NewFest. “Aggressive” is the term used by women of color, much like the way “butch”… Continue Reading

Tranny Drinking Games

Last night, the very lovely Crystal Frost was filming a documentary about transfolks that she’s been working on for the past year and a half. She prepared specific questions for me and Betty, good questions, about my erotica, about sexuality,… Continue Reading

Apologies Again

Apologies once again for not being where I was supposed to be; I’d been looking forward to being on a plenary panel this morning with Eli Clare, Yosenio Lewis, and Betsy Driver to talk about “Alliances, Umbrellas, Coalitions?” in the… Continue Reading

Why Men Wear Frocks on BBC4

a documentary called Why Men Wear Frocks. Continue Reading

The latest on Eddie Izzard Izzard to star in his own life story 7.02PM, Sun May 16 2004 Comedian Eddie Izzard is making a feature-length documentary about his life. Cameras have been following cross-dressing Eddie for the past three years in preparation of the… Continue Reading

“The Opposite Sex” – Showtime documentary

From The Advocate, May 11, 2004 The Opposite Sex, a two-part Showtime documentary, begins with the gripping journey of trans man Rene Pena, a God-fearing, married truck driver By Christopher Lisotta The Opposite Sex: Rene’s Story opens with documentary subject… Continue Reading

Doug Wright wins Pulitzer

I think the headlines all should have read, Gay Playwright Wins Pulitzer for Play about Transvestite Doug Wright, who wrote the play, “I Am My Own Wife,” won the Pulitzer a couple of days ago. (There goes my chance of… Continue Reading