Japanese Dog Rescue

I don’t know about you, but I needed a story like this one right about now.


What is there I could possibly say about Japan? There are reports of a 2nd tsunami now, and I can’t even get my head around some of the footage of the 1st. Those poor people. Love to them, & to… Continue Reading

Letter from the Panhandle

Connie May Fowler’s piece about the Gulf is the best I have read yet (& which was pointed out to me by Alexandria Jaeger). But what’s happening in the Gulf is different; it’s apocalyptic. We’re talking entire species being wiped… Continue Reading

LGBT Haitians

To donate to help LGBT Haitians in the midst of this horrific earthquake, try The Rainbow World Fund. (GLAAD recommends them, too. Normally we wouldn’t necessarily funnel our funds through an LGBT org, but considering Haiti’s shite national support for… Continue Reading