Coming Out as a Bisexual Man

It’s so rare to read a coming out narrative by someone coming out as bi, much less as a bisexual man, but this one covers a lot of interesting ground, including why it took him so long to come out.… Continue Reading

Janet Mock’s It Gets Better

When more women like her come out, the teeth of transphobia will fall out. What an amazingly cool decision she made.

Don Lemon

Good for Don Lemon for coming out. I’m glad he’s talking about how being a gay black male is different than it is to be any other kind of male. It’s great to see more LGBTQ people of color stepping… Continue Reading

Born This Way

I love this blog. It’s entirely photos & stories of LGBT people in photos from when they were young, kids most of them. Just gorgeous, and the stories are as varied and amazing as you’d expect. It reminds me some… Continue Reading

It Doesn’t Get Better, You Get Stronger

This lesbian of color rocks this message so hard. God bless her, whoever she is. Happy Coming Out Day, everyone.

“It Gets Better.”

Dan Savage & his husband Terry talk about growing up gay, the assholes in high school, families you grow up in & families you create. Really beautiful stuff, and please, LGBT teens, watch it.

Change We Can Believe In

QUESTION: “But on AIG, why did you wait — why did you wait days to come out and express that outrage? It seems like the action is coming out of New York and the attorney general’s office. It took you… Continue Reading

In This Corner

& Here’s Endymion coming out of his favorite corner, between the nightstand, the bedroom window, & the cozy radiator.


Coraline – Neil Gaiman’s horrifying children’s story – is coming out on February 6th. It better be coming to a theatre near me.

NY Senate Gang of Three

5:20 PM – edited to add that HRC has set up a page so you can thank Senator Smith to standing up for LGBT rights. Joe.My.God’s reporting that there’s even further acrimony & weirdness coming out of the wrangling that’s… Continue Reading

Blogger Initiative

As many of you know, I was at the LGBT Bloggers’ Initiative this past weekend, feeling simultaneously like the new kid on the block and the old whore. Many of my fellow bloggers – I realized during a presentation on… Continue Reading

Review: She’s a Boy I Knew

A friend of a friend in Lincoln, Nebraska got to see the documentary She’s a Boy I Knew which I’d heard good things about, so I asked her to write a review. by Dr. Pat. Tetreault She’s A Boy I… Continue Reading

Trans for Obama: Midnight

In case you didn’t read along all day, here’s what happened: We started the day at 105 donors and $5400. We ended the day (midnight, EST) at 196 donors and $10,746. That’s a net of 91 donors and $5346 for… Continue Reading

Living in the Land of the Binary

Our friend and book reviewer Jude Russell wrote a short, simple piece about the binary that really resonated with me. I hope it does for many of you, too. There have been a couple of threads recently wherein gender outlaws… Continue Reading

Opening Up

Tristan Taormino has a new book coming out about non-monogamous relationships called Opening Up. I’m actually really excited about it, since so many people have asked me how to manage that kind of change in a relationship, and I’m pleased… Continue Reading

Queer + Catholic (Like Me)

It looks like I’ll be one of a few readers reading our pieces that will appear in the Queer + Catholic anthology coming out in May. Right now the event is planned for Bluestockings, May 28. I’ll keep you posted… Continue Reading

Another Goth Christmas

So it turns out Tim Burton has re-made Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, with Johnny Depp (of course) playing Sweeney Todd… but who knew he could sing? Apparently he didn’t. & It’s coming out on Christmas… Continue Reading

On ENDA, on National Coming Out Day

This is the text of the talk I gave in Denver on Tuesday. It probably won’t surprise anyone that I’ve been busting at the seams wanting to have a say in all of the dialogue going on about ENDA. At… Continue Reading

National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day is October 11th – so who are you coming out to this year?

Trans Partner Advocacy

Recently on our message boards, the partner of someone who was transitioning posted about her very last day with her male husband. She was sad, she was mourning, and she was feeling both loss & resentment. Sometimes the larger trans… Continue Reading