Here’s a short list of the topics my students researched for papers this term: Marlene Dietrich Intersex activism Justin Bieber’s gender David Reimer, or the John/Joan case The invention of heterosexuality Korean pop band f(x) Kyle Alums and gender in… Continue Reading

College Admissions

Two interesting articles about admissions and LGBT students have come across my desk recently:  One is about colleges seeking gay applicants, and the other is about asking students, on the Common Application, what their orientation is. As much as I’d… Continue Reading


Congratulations to all of Lawrence University’s graduating seniors! Today is commencement, my second since I’ve been teaching here, but the first where I’ve known quite a few students, one of whom is graduating summa cum laude with an honors project… Continue Reading

TransOhio in 2 Days

I’m leaving today for Columbus, OH, where I’m speaking at the TransOhio Conference, & yes, I am traveling by train. Tons of people from our MHB boards are joining me, including my lovely wife. (“She said ‘wife’!”) They closed the… Continue Reading

No More Abstinence Only Funding

This morning, the House Appropriations Committee’s subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education (Labor HHS) eliminated traditional sources of funding for abstinence-only programs by passing the appropriations bill for FY 2010. The Labor HHS subcommittee and the Obama… Continue Reading

Complaint Against Ken Zucker

Oh, Ken Zucker decided to mess with the wrong person when he sent Lynn Conway a letter accusing her of libel. She has, in turn, filed an official complaint against him. You can find the actual letter here, along with… Continue Reading

New Study on Poverty & Education

Taylor said frequently textbooks in primary and secondary schools and in higher education do not address issues like poverty fully and often are reduced and oversimplified. “Far too many schools continue to endorse a curriculum of the absurd that encompasses… Continue Reading

Gender Variance 280

I’m very happy to go back to teaching on Monday, & this time around, I’m teaching a class on Gender Variance which fulfills a writing requirement, to boot. Included on the syllabus: Hirschfeld’s Theory of Intermediaries, The Member of the… Continue Reading

Drag Day

Today is the 1st annual Drag Day at Lawence University. Okay, it’s just the first, but I’m hoping it’s not the last. The students in my Trans Lives course expressed a desire to play with gender, and I thought it’d… Continue Reading

Reproductive Tech

Barnard College is hosting a conference on reproductive technologies on Saturday, February 28th; I wish I were there, but I’m not. Hopefully someone will go & report back! All the info below the break.


Oy. I got entirely roped into the CSI marathan that was on Spike this weekend, and today they’ve moved onto CSI: NY episodes. I come home from teaching Gender Studies 100 (specifically a piece by Ana Castillo) and it turns… Continue Reading

Local Issue

Within a few weeks of me arriving in Appleton, a transgender person named Sierra Broussard filed a lawsuit against a local club for not allowing her in. They checked her ID which still has an M & didn’t let her… Continue Reading

10 Days In

After a nearly balmy 10 days in Appleton – it’s been aboug 20 degrees everyday – on Tuesday it’s meant to plunge to 2 degrees, and by Thursday, to 0. I am amazed by how much I don’t mind the… Continue Reading

Leaving (Not on a Jet Plane)

So how many of you will be humming that song the rest of the day now? We’re leaving today for Appleton, Wisconsin, where I’ll be living for the next six months. It’s so odd that I have never lived anywhere… Continue Reading

Holiday Angst

There is something about the Christmas season that makes you think about life in sad ways. I had a friend visiting not too long ago who had just heard that a friend of hers had decided to have a baby… Continue Reading


TIC (Translating Identities Conference) happened yesterday at UVM (University of Vermont @ Burlington) and Kate Bornstein – who spoke there – posted this lovely sign.

Trans for Obama: Reason #1

Your #1, and last reason to vote for Obama: because polls aren’t always right, and a lot of races are tighter than they look like they are, and because there is no worse feeling than wondering if you could have… Continue Reading

Trans for Obama: Reason #2

Reason #2 to vote for Obama is because when it came to extending non-discrimination coverage for Federal employees and contractors, Obama wanted to make sure that gender identity was an included category for non-discrimination (which is, imho, an excellent predictor… Continue Reading

Growing Up Stupid

This study, about how Americans discourage the highest level of math genius, is far more interesting than all the ink we waste on the differences between boys’ and girls’ math skills. To me, this is the great American tradition of… Continue Reading


Today I’m taking the GRE, or Graduate Record Exam, and let me tell you, I’m not excited about it. I don’t mind taking a test for four hours – my time spent writing often runs longer than that – but… Continue Reading