SistersTalk Radio Interview

I’ll be on SistersTalk radio this Wednesday, January 6th, at 7PM Central time.  & Yes, they’re on Facebook. They recently interviewed Rachel Kramer Bussell, erotica empress. Other upcoming for me: a reading at Appleton Public Library on March 3rd, and… Continue Reading

Misery in Pictures

If you haven’t checked out the Awkward Family Photos site yet, do it the next time your life seems fucked up. Because if this family photo doesn’t help you feel better by seeing someone else’s misery, nothing will.

1 Million

At some point in the last month, this blog had its 1 millionth visitor. Cool.

Updated RSS

My RSS feed apparently changed with the last WordPress update.

Blog Stuff

Just FYI, because of the recent spamming of the RSS feed and other technical errors, we’ll be doing a lot of tech overhaul of the blog in the next couple of days. It it acts funny, that’s why.


One of the things I’ve always liked about Vanessa Edwards Foster is that she doesn’t lose sight of the goal: actual equality. I agree with her that our standards are low when it comes to justice for the trans people,… Continue Reading

Singapore Skips a Beat

I saw this clip about Singaporean import Dr. Thio Li-ann on Queerty, and it reminded me that a PM who recently stood up to get the homosexuality laws off the books in Singapore was not reappointed. Some in Singapore feel… Continue Reading

Hate Crimes Update from NCTE

Please read this update from NCTE on the status of the Hate Crimes Act that was voted on in the US Senate yesterday.

Latin LGBT Bloggers

They certainly don’t get enough credit, in general, but here are’s “7 GLBT Bloggers to Watch” – including Charlie Vázquez (who I read with for the Queer + Catholic readings last year). How can you not read someone who… Continue Reading

Not Atypical Father

My friend Willow directed me to this narrative written by a woman on Father’s Day. I’ve heard too many similar stories for one lifetime. It made me think of that line uttered by Dmitri Karamazov: “There are fathers and there… Continue Reading

KRXQ Does the Right Thing

This morning, Rob & Arnie & Dawn of KRXQ radio talked about transgender youth with Autumn Sandeen (of Pam’s House Blend) and Kim Pearson (of TYFA). Veronica has the links up of the original comments and has this mornings show… Continue Reading

Blogging for LGBT Families Day!

Today’s the day! I’m blogging, as I have in years past. for LGBT families — who have, thankfully, seen some gains this year! I know plenty of my queerio friends are tired & frustrated with the whole push for same-sex… Continue Reading

France Depathologizes Transsexualism

Saturday’s edition of the French language newspaper Le Provence headline: Transsexuality will no longer be classified mental illness in France and the article explains why France has now become the first country to depathologize transsexualism. English translation is now online.… Continue Reading

Peeing, Again

Have you all seen this latest iteration of trans + feminist(ing) + bathroom issues? Oy, it makes me tired. Here’s what I had to say about it four years ago. Some days I just want to apologize to all the… Continue Reading

TSA Wants Your Gender

& Unlike the million other times when calls went out that TSA might be especially suspicious of anyone who crossdressed, now it’s real: your gender is supposed to match your ID. Their explanation, according to Polymorphous Perversity, goes as follows:… Continue Reading

Blog: Women Painting Women

I found this groovy new blog about women painters who’ve painted portraits of women and just loved the idea. I suggested Romaine Brooks, and specifically her portrait of Lady Una Troubridge, but I’ll be honest it’s her self portrait that’s… Continue Reading

Filmed Attack on Peruvian Trans Prostitute

A Peruvian television station was invited to a planned attack on a local prostitute who is a “travesti” – a MTF trans prostitute. It aired on television, and was later aired with a longer segment. Blabbeando covered it, as did… Continue Reading

Freedom to Marry

This week Freedom to Marry is featuring a ton of guest bloggers talking about marriage equality, and my post goes up today at 1PM. It’s both a pleasure and an honor to be given the chance to say something in… Continue Reading

Gendery Blogs

It may be an advertising hook, but this list of gender-y blogs is pretty thorough, covering feminist issues, LGBT issues, and even folks like me. Transgender Workplace made it, as did other sites I contribute to, like Trans Group Blog… Continue Reading

Deaths in Memphis

There is a diarist at Daily Kos who has written about the high incidence of murder of African American trans women. Queerty (tongue in cheerk) predicts Memphis will reach out to the trans community as a result. I doubt it.… Continue Reading