“Trans Inside”

Oh, allies, just STOP it: you don’t feel trans inside. What you feel is a new awareness of the complexities of your own gender – that you are not 100% feminine, or masculine, or whatever. & It really is great… Continue Reading

How (Not) To Be An Ally

My patience for snark is really, really low these days, but I still found some of the gems in “8 Ways Not To Be An “Ally”: A Non-Comprehensive List” pretty useful. But I’m still going to re-articulate them for those… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Zach Wahls

I was lucky enough to meet Zach Wahls at a recent fundraiser and awards gala for Fair Wisconsin. He gave such an amazing talk and was such a cool guy that I couldn’t help but ask him a few things.… Continue Reading

RIP Jeanne Manford, PFLAG Founder

PFLAG’s lovely tribute. I don’t think it’s hard to imagine that. Every day that is still difficult for parents to say. She was a good soul and a good parent then and now. We should all hope to achieve the… Continue Reading


My friend Dylan found this article on what it means to be an ally – and therefore given more power & privilege than the group you’re working for, and I find it echoes a lot of my experience. These four… Continue Reading

Check It Out: Trans Allies

While I’m sure it can be difficult for some trans people to comprehend, there are a ton of us out there who were incredibly offended by Gold’s piece for Bilerico. One of those people is Peter Toscano, who asked for… Continue Reading