This Is Compassion: Hansen Unplugged

What a remarkable thing: compassion without understanding, without needing an explanation, without fear. Just one man, looking at the situation, and trying to see this young man for who he is while also seeing how unfair it is for the… Continue Reading

Dia de los Muertxs

Such a gorgeous way to mourn and celebrate those we’ve lost. (The x is there as it’s being used to degender the heavily gendered romance languages. You’ll see Latinxs a lot, too.)

Max to the Max

A good friend of mine has an awesome son. This is him: And this year, he’s just old enough to start worrying about bullies and what other kids will think and say and do. He told his mom he didn’t… Continue Reading

Welcome Back Lawrentians

Students are back, and the incoming class (of 2018) has moved in. Lawrence starts another fall term tomorrow. & Really, it is always nice when the campus goes from being a ghost town to feeling vibrant and busy again. I… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Louis CK

“You just do that now. That’s just a new thing you do. Until you & your shitty ankle both die.” (I’ve never heard anything more true about aging.)


So this is a really cool thing: HuffPo asked people to upload photos of their trans selves with the hashtag #WhatTransLooksLike and they’ve got a ton of them up. Here’s a single image of 400 of these photos. It’s the… Continue Reading


(The interview with the guy at 2:00 is especially cool.)

Weird Al Has a Big Dictionary

Clever, clever, clever: and his grammar’s all on, too. Also, I’d like to thank him for providing a guilt-free, child-friendly version of one of the catchiest tracks of recent years.

ENDA Support Pulled by LGBTQ+ Groups

Yes, you read that right. Numerous LGBTQ+ groups have pulled their support for ENDA due to the pending legislation’s religious exemption. Those exemptions have always been a source of discord, but in s post Hobby Lobby world, it’s easy to… Continue Reading

Fireworks from the Eye of a Drone

(Or, what we can really do with technology instead of killing people & other living things.) via GearJunkie

Facebook Blue

White House Issues New Guidelines for Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Wow is this overdue, but very, very welcome. “The American people have kind of woken up to the fact that we’ve got a serious problem when 20 percent of coeds say they’ve been sexually assaulted,” said Representative Jackie Speier, Democrat… Continue Reading

CFP: Letters From Our Partners

Call for Submissions: Letters From Our Partners Deadline: April 1, 2014 Word Limit: 2500 Publisher: Transgress Press Contact: Letters From Our Partners, inspired by the 2011 Lambda Literary Finalist Letters For My Brothers: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect, is an… Continue Reading

DC Mayor Announces Trans Health Policy

via the DC city blog: Mayor Gray Announces Steps to Protect GLBT Community from Discrimination in Health Care (WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, the District of Columbia advanced the rights of the city’s transgender community by prohibiting discrimination in health insurance… Continue Reading

Deep Dark Fears

more here. h/t io9.

& Now for the Weather…

Merry Betty Christmas!

Merry Christmas.