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New Headshot

Posted by – August 31, 2014

ghbk headshot 2014 smallerMy wife took it, of course.


Posted by – May 15, 2014

Apparently homophobes are freaked out by the image of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend when he got the good news, so Michael Signorile started a campaign to make same sex smooching a lot more visible.

So we’re in. We’ve been representing for years & years now, but it’s nice to get to take a part in something bigger.


Posted by – February 27, 2014

An old friend I went to high school with got married in NYC today, and he posted this awesome photo of him & his groom. It made me smile every time it came across my Facebook feed, so I thought I’d share it withall of you.

Congratulations, Dominic & Neil!


The 15%

Posted by – January 13, 2014

There’s a project called “We Are the 15 Percent” that collects portraits of interiracial marriages and families, and I came upon this one and decided they were too cute not to post.

The project came about because of the ridiculous, hateful backlash that came about as a result of that sweet Cheerios commercial a while back. From the Tumblr:

In May, Cheerios posted this new commercial on youtube. It sparked a firestorm of backlash, and (naturally) the comments on the video have been deactivated.

When my wife and I watched the video, it felt great to (finally) see a representation of our own family. Especially considering what happened at a Wal-Mart in Virginia a few weeks ago.

We created this site to publicly reflect the changing face of the American family. According to the 2008 census, 15% of new marriages are interracial. And yet, it still feels rare to see something like the Cheerios ad represented in mainstream culture.

It’s especially nice to see a queer married couple in the mix.

Me, by Her

Posted by – January 1, 2014

ghk dec 2013

I don’t do this often, but I really like this photo my wife took of me, so here it is.

NYC Drag Photos

Posted by – July 18, 2013

With many recent exhibitions, screenings and publications, the queer community, particularly in New York, seems to be on an archival bent, mapping a genealogy of various aspects of LGBTQ history. Not only is queer culture experiencing archive fever, but the era of the 1980s and 1990s has been given an inordinate amount of attention by curators, critics and writers. Adding to that dialogue, Simpson’s Drag Explosion presents an archive of the drag scene, which seems to often appear on the periphery of many exhibitions and publications on the 1980s art scene or LGBTQ history despite its influential humor, camp and fashion that still pervades culture today.

The photos themselves are a blast. I hope there are a lot more screenings, but if you can’t catch one, you can watch a slideshow of the photos online with Linda’s narration.

Crossdressed Couples: Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

Posted by – July 9, 2013

I love this idea: couples were asked to switch the clothes they were wearing with each other.

The ones I’ve posted here, amongst others, are the ones where the switched clothes make both people look better – in my humble opinion – than their original outfits, or where, despite a very genderered different, like a skirt, the styles are nearly the same anyway.

But do go look at the rest. You can buy it as a book, too.

Mariette Pathy Allen

Posted by – May 6, 2013

Felicity by Mariette Pathy Allen

Slate’s just done a nice piece about Mariette Pathy Allen, who has been photographing members of the trans community for a long while. Her books were some of the first I saw and read, in fact.

This is one of my favorites of hers, and it’s of Felicity, who died a few years ago at the age of 102. She is sitting in front of a photo of her child self at the turn of the last century.

It was almost a rite of passage when she photographed us when we were at Fantasia Fair in Provincetown nearly a decade ago.

You can see more of her photography on her own website.

us at the #glaad awards

Posted by – March 19, 2013

… and there’s this one, too, of me and my wife.


#glaadawards: John Leguizamo

Posted by – March 18, 2013

I was a giant fan of his in the early 90s when “House of Buggin'” was on TV and I was maybe the only white girl living in Washington Heights. No, really.

I didn’t see To Wong Foo when it came out, believe it or not. Mostly I went to see him on stage, for Freak and Spic O Rama and Sexaholix, which I loved (even just that clip of it is NSFW).

And he was a totally nice guy, too.

But this PSA kinda gives you the lowdown.

My wife, in the meantime, had a lovely time chatting with his wife, and a good time was had by all.

(And John, if you happen to read this: I’m not the trans one. That was my version of funny.)



Happy 83rd Birthday, Mom!

Posted by – February 17, 2013

mom dad 1952


They were Brooklyn kids, can you tell? Sweet and tough all at once.

(& Yes, we all still miss the big galoot in the photo, & we miss him a lot.)

They were in their early 20s when this one was taken, & they’re sitting on the stoop of a family home on Jerome Street, somewhere near Pitkin Avenue.

Photos by Alex Colby

Posted by – February 15, 2013

My friend Alex takes really cool photos, like these two of Eli.

Find more here.

Us @ the Fair Wisconsin Education Fund Gala 2/9/13

Posted by – February 11, 2013

I kinda love this one: me and my wife listening intently all fancied up.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by – October 31, 2012

Us, 2012.

(about Medusa)

Rheims With Gender

Posted by – June 27, 2012

I really am not sure what to think of this project. The idea was to photograph genders, as she did in the 80s, but somewhere along the way she discovered a few people who were genderqueer or trans*.

I love the idea but I also feel a little squeamish about the description of the project.

I think I’d prefer to hear their voices talking about how they live in their bodies and genders, and what they think of both.


1000 Words on the Wisconsin Protests

Posted by – February 28, 2011

Kickstart: Transfigurations

Posted by – January 21, 2011

Photographer Jana Marcus wants to turn her touring exhibit of photography of trans subjects into a book.

Donate if you like her work and/or if you’d like to own a copy. She needs just under $3k in a month. (Tell her Helen sent you! My thanks to Lannie Rose for the heads up.)

Face of the Day

Posted by – December 5, 2010

On 12/1, Andrew Sullivan had a “Face of the Day” photo of a Pakistani hjira (although he called her a eunuch).


Posted by – April 17, 2010

A Lawrence student has been taking photographs of faculty, staff & students who wanted to participate in the NOH8 campaign, and yesterday, on our 12th anniversary, we decided to (finally) get ours taken. Here are some of the shots.

Photographer: Andrew Hawley

Trans Couples: Tink & B.

Posted by – November 19, 2007

A Note from the Author:

Just a couple of things I want to say first. As one of the conditions for this is no names, I shall refer to my beloved in boy format as B*. This stands for Beloved. Another major character is X, which refers to the ex-wife. Finally, please excuse any pronoun confusion that may arise. I have tried to use “he” when referring to my dearest in “boy-mode,” and “she” when referring to same in “girlie-mode” (his own terms) but there are still times when I’m not sure which to use when.

Chapter 1: In which Tink sees photos.

I think I first fell in love when I saw her picture. The problem was, he belonged to somebody else- a friend of mine- and so I put it out of my mind.

I had known B* for a couple of years. He was going out with X, who was a friend of mine, and we became good friends ourselves, the kind that sees each in other in the pub, but with occasional deep and meaningful conversations between just the two if us. This was one of those times. Most of our other friends had retired early, and it was just the two of us in one of those dodgy local rock clubs that you seem to find in every city. He was entertaining me with pictures on his mobile phone. They were various models, singers and actresses all looking beautiful. I had the difficult task of putting names to the faces, and my knowledge of popular culture kept letting me down. He selected another image and presented it to me. Again I was clueless. She was slim and beautiful like all the rest, with lovely long, dark hair and dressed in black. I took a wild guess.
“Morticia Addams?” Apparently I was wrong and had to look again. “I have no idea, but whoever she is, she’s very pretty.”
“It’s me.”
“Wow!” I was stunned. I looked again, and I just couldn’t believe it. She was just amazing.