New Author Photos

I try to update my pics when there’s a significant change of whatever kind. Kind of necessary this time around.

New Headshot

… because I cut my hair.

Breakfast of Champions – Still

Created by my good and super talented friend Alex Colby, whose photography & other creative work hangs out here. Photo by Annie Liebovitz, of course, and Wheaties box by – well, Wheaties. (Yes, that’s Jenner’s original Wheaties box.)

Trans Day of Visibility #tdov

Today’s the Trans Day of Visibility, which I honestly didn’t know was a thing. I’m glad it is. I’ve long been cranky about #tdor being the only/first way people learn about trans issues, so yay! What I’ve already seen is… Continue Reading

New Headshot

My wife took it, of course.


Apparently homophobes are freaked out by the image of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend when he got the good news, so Michael Signorile started a campaign to make same sex smooching a lot more visible. So we’re in. We’ve been… Continue Reading


An old friend I went to high school with got married in NYC today, and he posted this awesome photo of him & his groom. It made me smile every time it came across my Facebook feed, so I thought… Continue Reading

The 15%

There’s a project called “We Are the 15 Percent” that collects portraits of interiracial marriages and families, and I came upon this one and decided they were too cute not to post. The project came about because of the ridiculous,… Continue Reading

Me, by Her

I don’t do this often, but I really like this photo my wife took of me, so here it is.

NYC Drag Photos

With many recent exhibitions, screenings and publications, the queer community, particularly in New York, seems to be on an archival bent, mapping a genealogy of various aspects of LGBTQ history. Not only is queer culture experiencing archive fever, but the… Continue Reading

Crossdressed Couples: Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

I love this idea: couples were asked to switch the clothes they were wearing with each other. The ones I’ve posted here, amongst others, are the ones where the switched clothes make both people look better – in my humble… Continue Reading

Mariette Pathy Allen

Slate’s just done a nice piece about Mariette Pathy Allen, who has been photographing members of the trans community for a long while. Her books were some of the first I saw and read, in fact. This is one of… Continue Reading

us at the #glaad awards

… and there’s this one, too, of me and my wife.  

#glaadawards: John Leguizamo

I was a giant fan of his in the early 90s when “House of Buggin’” was on TV and I was maybe the only white girl living in Washington Heights. No, really. I didn’t see To Wong Foo when it… Continue Reading

Happy 83rd Birthday, Mom!

  They were Brooklyn kids, can you tell? Sweet and tough all at once. (& Yes, we all still miss the big galoot in the photo, & we miss him a lot.) They were in their early 20s when this… Continue Reading

Photos by Alex Colby

My friend Alex takes really cool photos, like these two of Eli. Find more here.

Us @ the Fair Wisconsin Education Fund Gala 2/9/13

I kinda love this one: me and my wife listening intently all fancied up.

Happy Halloween!

Us, 2012. (about Medusa)

Rheims With Gender

I really am not sure what to think of this project. The idea was to photograph genders, as she did in the 80s, but somewhere along the way she discovered a few people who were genderqueer or trans*. I love… Continue Reading

1000 Words on the Wisconsin Protests