The article itself is kind of teh suck, but the comments are interesting.
A young boy who acts in a feminine way isn’t a faggot; he’s a sissy.

Still, it’s interesting to see a conversation about male genders from another community’s POV.

The Big 40

Well then. Honestly, what do you say? My parents and my siblings must feel *really* old today, since I’m the youngest of the family.

But as my dad always said, it’s not like the only other option is any good, so you may as well grow old.

Thanks all for the lovely gifts and well wishes and your support in these recent years. To 50! To Cronedom! (I am glad that we get to do this milestone together, at least. Having the same bday as your partner is sometimes annoying, but this year, it’s a relief.)

Recent Interview

While I was in Milwaukee, I did an interview for a local paper and entirely forgot to mention it. It’s a little more recent then a million others I’ve done, so it might answer some questions about what the hell I’m doing in WI & other mysteries of life. (I especially love the bit about how my “writing exudes a Midwestern no-nonsense practicality.”)