Me @ The Tool Shed, MKE

I’ll be doing an event on Thursday, April 7th in Milwaukee at the awesome Tool Shed as part of Milwaukee’s SHARE (Sexual Health and Relationship Education) week. Here’s where you register for it. Here’s the Facebook event. Here’s the FetLife… Continue Reading

Malcolm X: 51 Years Ago Today

Half a century, and I don’t think we’ve ever recovered from losing what he brought to the table. I used to walk the path his stretcher took from the Audubon Ballroom to the emergency room on a regular basis; it… Continue Reading

South Dakota Veto?

It’s up to you. The governor of South Dakota still has the chance to veto the anti-trans law – and he is, at least, willing to (finally) meet some trans students before he makes his decision, which means he should… Continue Reading

New Headshot

… because I cut my hair.

Happy Valentine’s Day


A regular on the MHB boards recently posted that she was turning 50 and remembered, and re-posted, this piece from when she was turning 44: February 12, 2010: I’m 44 today and I want to die. Today is my 44th… Continue Reading

Two Good Things

Here are two good things that are now/newly available: The documentary about Kate Bornstein, Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger, is now available for purchase by high schools and universities. (I did an interview with her for this… Continue Reading

Bryn Kelly Memorial: Feb 6

Bryn Kelly, Feb 7 1980 – Jan 13 2016 Her memorial is tonight at St John the Divine in NYC – the day before what should have been her 36th birthday. Rest in awesomeness, Bryn.