The December Project is Coming

As with previous year, I’ll be participating in The December Project, the brainchild of Jennifer Finney Boylan, who, because of all the email she gets and all the sadness she sees on FB, decided that we, as a community, need… Continue Reading

On Robin Williams & Giving Thanks

Robin Williams was in my dreams last night. Robin Williams was in a movie, maybe, in my dreams last night. He was playing someone like himself or like one of so many characters he played – like Perry Williams in… Continue Reading

No Justice, No Peace: UVA & Marisa Alexander

A first year student was gang raped at UVA, and it took a Rolling Stone article (TW) to get anyone to pay attention. It turns out UVA doesn’t even expel people who have admitted to rape. Those of us who… Continue Reading

No Justice, No Peace

We knew, but we hoped. America never finds an armed white man guilty of killing an unarmed black man. There are a few, rare exceptions – Jordan Davis’ killer got time – but not usually. It’s so heartbreaking. But if… Continue Reading


Update: found here. I don’t know where this comic comes from, so I’m asking forgivness from its creator for putting it up without express permission. I’m happy to take it down if necessary, but wow, it hit me between the… Continue Reading

Leslie Feinberg, Hero, Has Died

It doesn’t matter if you know it’s coming – the death of someone you admire is never, ever expected. I can’t begin to say how much I admired Feinberg. One of the best things to have happen to me, like… Continue Reading

Lunch @ Lawrence

I am not sure exactly how this happened, but on Friday I’ll be speaking at a lunch at Lawrence as part of a series called Lunch at Lawrence, and I’ll be talking about same sex marriage – focusing primarily on… Continue Reading

Dylan Scholinski @LU for TDOR #translivesmatter

Dylan Scholinski, the author of The Last Time I Wore a Dress, will speak at Lawrence University for the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20th. His talk will be on the importance of recognizing gender non conformity, transgender… Continue Reading

Come On Already, NYC

Honestly, we need someone to do groundbreaking stuff – don’t let Iowa beat you to it again, okay? Shoot, NYS has already beaten you to it. A proposed law that would allow individuals to change the sex on their birth… Continue Reading

Trans Media History: The Love Boat

Mackenzie Phillips played a trans woman in 1982 on Season 5, Episode 15 of The Love Boat. And guess what? It doesn’t suck. It’s quite sympathetic, actually. Lindsey, from the mHB boards, brought it to my attention. Here are some… Continue Reading

Trans Actors?

A guest post from my good friend Darya Teesewell, who has worked in Hollywood for a very long time, and who had a few things to say about the news that Elle Fanning will be playing a trans guy (and… Continue Reading

Please, Please Vote. Please.

I’m starting to get a kind of sick feeling about Wednesday and I don’t like it. No, I didn’t do nearly as much as I should have but you can bet your ass I’ll show up to vote. And what… Continue Reading


Tomorrow is Election Day, so here’s some important info about voting in WI: YOU DON’T NEED AN ID TO VOTE TOMORROW. You can register to vote at your polling place – all you need is proof of residency (WI license,… Continue Reading