Max to the Max

A good friend of mine has an awesome son. This is him: And this year, he’s just old enough to start worrying about bullies and what other kids will think and say and do. He told his mom he didn’t… Continue Reading

What Partners Think

Here are a few new (to me) resources for partners: One blog post by a trans person who was happily surprised by a relationship with a cis person, and who goes on to interview a few partners on their experience… Continue Reading

HB in Pittsburgh

Here’s a live podcast/radio show I did with Lynn Cullen while in Pittsburgh on Friday. She had just read the NYT article on trans people in women’s colleges, so I was explaining some of the language, for starters. But I… Continue Reading

“Trans Inside”

Oh, allies, just STOP it: you don’t feel trans inside. What you feel is a new awareness of the complexities of your own gender – that you are not 100% feminine, or masculine, or whatever. & It really is great… Continue Reading

Me @ Penn State Behrend, Erie PA 10/23

I’ll be speaking at Penn State Behrend this coming Thursday, 7PM, in a talk that is open to the public. After that I’m driving to Pittsburgh with a friend and staying there Friday & Saturday, but don’t have any gigs… Continue Reading

It’s Not About Her Ex: A Trans Partner’s Story

My friend M. is a woman who was assaulted by her ex. Her ex happens to be a woman, too, of trans history. When the news of what had happened broke, her story was drowned out by all of the… Continue Reading

On Not Writing

I’ve been working on Book #3. Recently I’ve been calling it Giving Him Up. My anniversary post was part of that writing. So are other little pieces of what’s on this blog (“Hyenas” comes to mind, as does “Just Like… Continue Reading

Voter ID Struck Down

The Supreme Court of the US just yesterday wrote a statement declaring that Voter ID is not in effect for this upcoming election in WI. Which means: YOU DO NOT NEED PHOTO ID TO VOTE IN WI IN NOVEMBER. GREAT,… Continue Reading

Still Radical

“She is forced to evolve her own life pattern, often living much of her life alone, learning usually much earlier than her “straight” (heterosexual) sisters about the essential aloneness of life (which the myth of marriage obscures) and about the… Continue Reading

So This Is Where I Work

(My awesome wife made this, & she even wrote the music. Shea Love is a former student.)

SCOTUS Doesn’t Rule

The Supreme Court of the US today decided not to take a same sex marriage case. The good news? The one from the 7th Circuit now stands, which means couples in WI can get married, which is awesome. With federal… Continue Reading

Goodbye, Eric Holder

Wow am I going to miss him.