Me, Blogging, Not Really

I seem to be taking a break from blogging – an unintentional one. And I expect that the minute I announce this, and apologize, I will be overrun with the need to blog. Or not. Stay tuned.

Welcome Back Lawrentians

Students are back, and the incoming class (of 2018) has moved in. Lawrence starts another fall term tomorrow. & Really, it is always nice when the campus goes from being a ghost town to feeling vibrant and busy again. I… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Louis CK

“You just do that now. That’s just a new thing you do. Until you & your shitty ankle both die.” (I’ve never heard anything more true about aging.)


I don’t like this “never forget” business. As if forgetting were possible. Sounds like a desire for vengeance trussed up as memory and nationalism. We don’t forget. Can’t. I think this is more of what we forget – the stunning… Continue Reading

New York Article on Martine Rothblatt

So this is the cover of this week’s New York magazine about CEO Martine Rothblatt: her in a masculine suit, shoes, even a blue button down, hair pulled back. What’s more interesting is that she was not “butched up” for… Continue Reading

Death of a Child

Don’t look away and don’t stop reading. Another child this year has been abused and ultimately killed for being himself. His parents thought he was gay. He did play with dolls. So his parents beat him to death and tortured… Continue Reading


So this is a really cool thing: HuffPo asked people to upload photos of their trans selves with the hashtag #WhatTransLooksLike and they’ve got a ton of them up. Here’s a single image of 400 of these photos. It’s the… Continue Reading