Just Call Me Che?

To close out Pride month, I wanted to talk a little bit about this essay by Quince Mountain about a thing Laverne Cox said. What she said was: Loving trans people is a revolutionary act. And this bugged Quince Mountain,… Continue Reading

One Good Thing #SCOTUS

Okay, there was one ruling that was actually a good one: California passed a law a while back preventing ex-gay therapies. It was challenged, as expected, but SCOTUS smacked down the challenge, so the law stands, as does the ruling… Continue Reading

Hobby Lobbied

There’s a part of me that wishes we could all go back to bed and pretend it’s Sunday night so that there would still be a chance these awful rulings wouldn’t have been handed down by the Supreme Court today,… Continue Reading

Happy Pride: Sylvia Rivera, 1973

y’all better quiet down! from reina july on Vimeo. 41 years ago, and she’s talking to a gay and lesbian audience about trans* women in prison, revolution, and the middle class whiteness of gay liberation. (Courtesy of my friend Darya… Continue Reading

June 27th, 1969 – 45 Years Ago Today

June 27th, 1969, was a hot Friday night. Turnout at the Stonewall was high. Some present that night recalled being emotional after the death and funeral of gay icon Judy Garland. They had discovered some remote sense of community in… Continue Reading

3 More Days of Casa Valentina

Only three more days of the show, so go while you can. Who knows when this play will be produced again?

Pope Francis, Kicking Ass & Taking Names

I am not a believer, but wow does this guy make me want to drop everything & DO MORE. Then he excommunicated Mafiosi & told people to chillax with the gays and especially welcome their children. Honestly, there are times… Continue Reading

Trans Health in WA

This is HUGE. Via Gender Justice League and The Seattle Times: In a letter Wednesday to health insurance companies, the state makes clear that it is illegal to discriminate against transgender policyholders under both state law and the federal Affordable… Continue Reading

Facebook Blue

Appleton’s Non Discimination Ordinance

Last night, the city of Appleton, WI passed a non discrimination ordinance that is inclusive of gender identity and expression. It passed the City Council 12-2, with awesome work by staff, council members, and Fair Wisconsin, and by my wife,… Continue Reading

Ryland Whittington

(via SF Globe) (I don’t know about the rest of you, but I cried about halfway through.)

Goodbye Zoraida Reyes

She was a trans and immigrant activist out of South California, Orange County, and originally from Mexico. She was found dead this morning near a Dairy Queen under suspicious circumstances. She started organizing in 2007 and 2006 for the DREAM… Continue Reading

Important Italian Court Marriage Ruling

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this news, and I’m happy to say it’s good news, at long last. Italy’s highest court has ruled that Alessandra Bernaroli can stay married to her wife after her legal transition to female. Their marriage had… Continue Reading

Outagamie County Clerk Update

On reasonably good authority, here’s an update about Outagamie County Clerk Lori O’Bright: she will NOT waive the waiting period for marriages other than her three reasons which she stated in public on Monday: 1. the health of one of… Continue Reading

To That County Clerk

On Friday, Judge Barbara Crabb ruled that the state’s ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Madison and Milwaukee courthouses flooded with couples – people who’d been together 34 years, 26, 15, 2… excited at the prospect that they finally… Continue Reading

AMA: Birth Certificate Changes Shouldn’t Require Surgery

Great, great news. Not only is this requirement unfair and biased in favor of people who transition medically – not everyone does, or wants to – it also creates a problem with socioeconomic status, where those who can afford surgery… Continue Reading

Same Sex Weddings in Appleton?

Miriam Douglass (left) and Ligia Rivera were the first same-sex couple to have their marriage license application accepted by Outagamie County this morning. BUT…. there is a five day waiting period that wasn’t waived by the County Clerk. In Madison… Continue Reading

“I never realized that I was like a second-class citizen . . . until I wasn’t one anymore.”

So the weddings have been taking place since the news that the ban was struck down here in WI, and there have been beautiful photos – like the one of the Madison cops bringing cakes to couples getting married on… Continue Reading

WI’s Marriage Ban Struck Down

Honestly, the news made me cry the second I read it. Unbelievable. Forward, Wisconsin, and HAPPY PRIDE!


CAN MONITORING DECLINING SPECIES BE DEPRESSING? Yes and no. I am fascinated by life, but I don’t enjoy seeing so much just slipping away. Every generation thinks that now is normal. It isn’t. But I’m glad I am the age… Continue Reading