Help Fund Upstairs Inferno Documentary

If you don’t know about the fire that was set in a gay bar in New Orleans in 1973, you should. The footage, photographs, and even the description of the events are hard to see and read. Very, very hard.… Continue Reading

And Yet, Meanwhile in Atlanta… #YesAllWomen

… two trans women are harassed on the local public transit, one of them stripped naked while the crowd videos the whole thing. Honestly, humanity just sucks so hard sometimes. How does Laverne Cox end up on the cover of… Continue Reading

Richard Martinez Wants You to Send a Postcard

His son was killed this past weekend at Isla Vista, and he wants people to send a postcard to their representatives asking them to get on the ball already with gun control. It’s super fast & easy.

Trans Tipping Point?

Whether we have or haven’t reached the “trans tipping point“, Laverne Cox is on the cover of Time magazine, and on her birthday. She is such an awesome lady and has become too fabulous a representative for the whole of… Continue Reading

Triggery (But Funny?)

I found it kind of stunning, either way. Pretty much the truth of it, as disturbing as it is. It reminds me of that Margaret Atwood quote that’s circulating a lot- here’s a paraphrase: when men are asked why they’re… Continue Reading

Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger was still a virgin at 22, and he was angry that he was because too often, men’s value is in their ability to “get women”. There are a lot of good articles out already – Slate’s & The… Continue Reading

Agender Portraits

Portraits of younger people who don’t identify as any gender, who use terms like “neutrois” to describe themselves. Most seem to use “they” pronouns. Pretty awesome, and pretty much where I’d be if i were 19 now.  

Matt Kailey’s Death

I just got the news from Max Wolf Valerio. Matt Kailey died over the weekend, on Saturday, in his sleep, of a heart attack or heart failure. I met Matt at few years back when I spoke in Denver and… Continue Reading

Reporting on Trans Issues

HRC posted an article about the protection of LGBT youth inspired by the horrific story out of CT in which a trans teenager was jailed and housed with adults and later put in solitary confinement. She had not been charged,… Continue Reading

Happy Retirement Prof. Bacon

I just wanted to wish Meredith Bacon a happy retirement. She is an awesome lady. The Faculty Senate president at the University of Nebraska at Omaha completed a third one-year term Wednesday, but not consecutively — and now under a… Continue Reading

Advice to a Wife

I get a letter every once in a not-too-rare while from a wife who has just found out her husband is going to transition. Sometimes he is already starting to, sometimes he is still deciding and she expects he will,… Continue Reading


Apparently homophobes are freaked out by the image of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend when he got the good news, so Michael Signorile started a campaign to make same sex smooching a lot more visible. So we’re in. We’ve been… Continue Reading

Cat Hero

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I’m turning 45 today, as is my wife, and I have a lot to say about the ordeal, but mostly I’m amazed at how much you still don’t know even four decades in. As I said elsewhere: you know enough… Continue Reading


I just had someone point out this book Prinsesa: The Boy Who Dreamed of Being a Princess to me. I don’t know it, haven’t read it, but was wondering if anyone out there has. Here’s the blurb: After a small… Continue Reading

Gender Troubles Mother’s Day

Here’s an astonishing little piece about death, queerness, and re-reading Butler‘s Gender Trouble: “Tell her you forgive her,” she says, “I promise you she will die.” I hang up and go back into the bedroom. Back to the borscht-feeding. My… Continue Reading

The Seatbelt Crew

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My last database of email subscriptions is corrupt, so I’m starting again. If you want to subcribe, you should be able to input your email up here on the right side. The good thing is that this subscription widget is… Continue Reading