Me, 4/26, FORGE in Milwaukee

I’m going to be speaking at FORGE in Milwaukee in late April and if you sign up to come you can get a free copy of my book in whatever format you choose. Here’s the info: We would call it… Continue Reading

“Making Trans Parents Visible” – co-authored by me

So this is cool: the article I co-authored with a colleague (Beth Haines) and a former student (Alex Ajayi) has been published in Feminism & Psychology, and is now available online. Here’s the abstract: This article explores the self-reported parenting… Continue Reading

Sir Barbie

Hello my geeky feminist readers – check this out: It’s a kickstarter by my friend Jim Rodda, who is exactly the kind of guy you’d expect to create armor for Barbie. So donate, & help Barbie kick some dragon ass.… Continue Reading

Why Hygiene is Education

There’s an awesome article up at Jezebel called “What Life is Like When Getting Your Period Means Being Shunned” that goes into detail about the nature of “red tents” – that is, the practice of women removing themselves from the… Continue Reading

CFP: Letters From Our Partners

Call for Submissions: Letters From Our Partners Deadline: April 1, 2014 Word Limit: 2500 Publisher: Transgress Press Contact: Letters From Our Partners, inspired by the 2011 Lambda Literary Finalist Letters For My Brothers: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect, is an… Continue Reading

Public Names & Private Lives

Interesting piece in the NYT by a porn star about the disctinction between public and private. She says some interesting things that reflect my own experience having a pen name very, very well. Maybe it would be easier to navigate… Continue Reading

Transitioned Couple

They’re awesome, no? (via LGBTQ Nation)

Genders and Terminology

Vis a vis yesterday’s post about language and labels and pronouns, there’s this awesome set of photos of LGBTQ* identified people with the ways they identify. Queer Power Bottom Princess Trans Queer Parent Rural Queer Queer Femme Queer Butch Trans… Continue Reading

Trans + Language

Here’s a cool article about pronouns and etiquette in the shifting landscape that is Genderland. She interviewed me (though I didn’t make the cut) and many, many others for this piece. Still, Susan Stryker, Don Kulick, and Mara Keisling are… Continue Reading

A Real Doll

Lammily’s a doll based on the average measurements of a 19 year old woman, taken from the CDC’s data. Go help fund the making of this doll! Awesome.

Hairdresser on Fire

I have a friend who gives me awesome haircuts, like this one, when I’m in NYC, and I realized recently I’ve never mentioned his work here on my blog, and should. Why? He’s about as trans friendly as trans friendly… Continue Reading

Calpernia Addams on Acting, Trans, and Representation

Calpernia Addams – the “Callie Adams” Jared Leto thanked from the stage at the Oscars – wrote a piece about trans people, representation, and Hollywood that I think is worth reading. Jared Leto was kind enough to mention me in… Continue Reading

Trans Catholic

Here’s an absolutely breath-taking and tear-jerking story about a remarkable nun who works with the trans community in and around New Orleans. She is what my Catholic has always been about, to be honest, and she is absolutely one of… Continue Reading

Queer Latino/a

Here’s a cool 54 minutes about the queer experience, latino-style. From the show’s description: This week on Latino USA, we talk about all things Queer—from Anthony Romero, the first gay director of the ACLU, to the practice of “pumping,” or… Continue Reading

Jared Leto Wins the Oscar

This feel obligatory. He didn’t say “transgender” but he did thank one “Callie Addams” who is, of course, the very amazing Calpernia Addams, who helped Leto with the part, and who is a (trans) woman. He did recognize the millions… Continue Reading