Trans Inclusive Feminist Article

Well done, Tina Vazquez. Well done, Bitch Media.

It has been said that feminism has failed the transgender community. It’s hard to disagree. Trans women have been weathering a storm of hate and abuse in the name of feminism for decades now and for the most part, cisgender feminists have failed to speak out about it or push against it.

Although some of us have, of course.
& Some of us have been here for quite a long while.

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  1. Past experience has left me quite afraid to read about the latest radical feminist views on trans*women, however; Gloria Steinem’s statement toward the end of the article was worth the read.

    Can radical feminists really live in comfort with the knowledge that their assertions of trans* women not being substantially similar by nature to “women born women”, may lead to pain, suffering, even death of those who genuinely feel a they share something in common at a visceral level with themselves.

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