Laverne Cox & Carmen Carrera on Katie Couric

I’m sure everyone has seen these already, but if you haven’t, they’re worth watching – even if only for their responses to the genitals questions.

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  1. These two women are amazing. We’ll look back on this as a line in the sand; leave it to two women of color(if Latin is a color) to lead the way and speak truth to power.

  2. Always thought Katie Couric was overrated. Like a lot of people in the media, she did not do her homework about transgender people and sought to sensationalize the opportunity. I’m proud of Laverne and Carmen for taking a stand.

  3. I hope the “line in the sand” also marks that maybe a lot of newly transitioned women may want to reconsider going on talk shows and freely providing every detail about things a lot of us would never consider sharing. (Yes they have a right, but I don’t think most understand the long term consiqueices.)

    I loved the way these two women took control of their own story – their own sense of self and their own bodies to say: “I don’t exist for your entertainment.”

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  4. I agree completely with the previous 3 comments. I wonder why Katie went “there” with such insistence? Laverne and Carmen saw right through it and took control. I love that.

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