Defense Attorney Reveals Culture’s Transphobia

First: At least some justice has been served in the case of Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, who was killed in March 2010. So at least there has been some justice for another trans woman who was killed by a tranphobic, violent man. Up to 40 years in prison for Rasheen Everett, who apparently was violent toward his girlfriends who weren’t trans, too.

But it was the defense attorney’s transphobic bullshit that really irked me. During the sentencing hearing, as Everett was facing a sentence of 29 years to life, his defense attorney asked:

“Shouldn’t that [sentence] be reserved for people who are guilty of killing certain classes of individuals?” he reportedly asked, adding, “Who is the victim in this case? Is the victim a person in the higher end of the community?”

And then he pointed to Gonzalez-Andujar’s own history, as if, somehow, killing someone who’d had some shit happen in their own life somehow made this violent murder “less bad”. The attorney also referred to Gonzalez-Andujar as “he”.

But Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter, who described Everett as “coldhearted and violent menace to society,” didn’t take too kindly to Scarpa’s argument. “This court believes every human life in sacred,” he said. “It’s not easy living as a transgender, and I commend the family for supporting her.”

Well done, Justice Butchter.

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  1. It’s sad to rejoice in a conviction, since it’s such cold comfort. Yet not having the conviction would be so much worse.

    Really, really appreciate Justice Butchner calling BS. I do appreciate that defendants deserve a strong legal defense. But this is one of those times when you wish the defense attourney could get sentenced to a few years while they’re at it.

    who apparently was violent toward his girlfriends who weren’t trans, too

    Anybody who’s indifferent to violence against trans people ought to realize that no attacker limits his violence to trans women. Other women will always end up targeted, too.

  2. Say Whaa? When I read this I was sick to my stomach. Bet he feels that way about anyone he deems ‘lesser than himself’.

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