Trans Oriented / Trans Attracted

Call me old school, but I still prefer Trans Am. BUT, check it out! Straight dude comes out as straight! No, as a trans inclusive straight guy.

I’ve had enough of this shaming. It’s created a disgusting culture of trans-attracted men using trans women for sex but never forming a committed relationship with them. Most trans-attracted men are only trans-attracted at night. Then, during the day, they run back to their heteronormative relationships with cis-women of whom they are not ashamed.  Even men who are in committed relationships with trans women will often tell those women that they could never introduce them to their friends or family. Imagine a woman who has been to hell and back trying to transition into who she really is only to be told by her lover that he is ashamed to be with her.

I’ve had enough of this shaming, too, so may there be legions right behind him.

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  1. It’s a bit of an aside, but I do know longterm gay couples who have still never come out to family and friends as gay and that seems to be ok with everyone. It’s now treated as a non issue by all just as it should be.

    The old labeling by psychiatry continues to work against similar integration of trans* into society. Until words like “disorder” and “autogynephillia”, cease to be the standout words people first pickup on when they look for info about trans gender, this problem is likely to continue.

  2. I have met only one “straight” man who is wanting a long term relationship with a trans woman. All the others I’ve met, in my opinion, are into their own eroticism of having sex with us girls and would rather return to their “normal” lives in the day light.

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