Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

ENDA Again?

So it looks like ENDA may come to a vote early next week – according to Harry Reid. The bill is unlikely to gain much traction in the Republican controlled House, but could provide Democrats with another opportunity to paint… Continue Reading

Arctic Monkeys Play “Walk on the Wild Side”

This made me cry. Wish I’d been there. Thursday night I’d gone to see my new favorite band Those Darlins, who did a cover of White Light/White Heat – which is one of my favorite Velvet tunes – and I… Continue Reading

“Preferred” Pronoun

Every once in a while when I’m doing Trans 101 I have this split second where I’m saying something standard that all of a sudden rings in my ears as blatantly false. Tonight it was this whole “preferred pronoun” business,… Continue Reading

Lou Reed: Sex and Gender Songs

Lou Reed wrote a song about undergoing electroshock therapy because his parents thought he was gay. It was called “Kill Your Sons.” He wrote “Candy Says” about Candy Darling, one of the Warhol Factory’s out trans women. (There were quite… Continue Reading

Goodbye, Lou Reed

Thanks for everything.

Domestic Partner Benefits Considered By WI State Supreme Court

So this happened in Wisconsin today: arguments were made to & for Wisconsin’s domestic partner benefits & registry. At issue is whether domestic partnerships create a legal status that is “substantially similar” to marriage and therefore violate the state’s 2006… Continue Reading

Trans Oriented / Trans Attracted

Call me old school, but I still prefer Trans Am. BUT, check it out! Straight dude comes out as straight! No, as a trans inclusive straight guy. I’ve had enough of this shaming. It’s created a disgusting culture of trans-attracted… Continue Reading

GLB not T?

So here’s a bunch of interesting reading on that old horse of whether gay and trans politics are bedfellows, allied, or not – a series of pieces in the NYT (the NYT!) from people like Susan Stryker and Laverne Cox… Continue Reading

Alison Bechdel!

Tomorrow, Alison Bechdel is speaking at Lawrence as part of our convocation series. We’re currently teaching Fun Home in Freshmen Studies, so it’s a very, very cool thing that she’s coming to speak, and I am very much looking forward… Continue Reading

bell hooks + Janet Mock

This makes me so, so happy.

HUD Backs Trans Couple

So this is cool news: a trans person and her partner were evicted from their housing, and…  More than a year later, the Justice Department followed through on filing the case, which seeks any injunction restoring the couple’s housing, barring… Continue Reading

Coming Out Straight?

Really, has it come to this? Lifelong lesbian moves to SF & starts dating & having sex with men. Except the title’s all wrong since it’s part of a series about bisexuality, in fact. Still, I loved this: As if… Continue Reading

Coming Out Ace

Okay, so they’ve made asexuality sound cool by shortening it to Ace – as Eddie Izzard would say, “well done there.” Because the culture at large tends to think of asexuality as kind of boring otherwise, right? So many preconceptions… Continue Reading

Getting Thanks

I just wanted to say: there is rarely anything that makes me as happy as hearing a thank you from a reader, especially a wife or partner, for my books. It’s entirely humbling, but it is the kind of thing… Continue Reading

American Women Dying Younger Than Their Moms?

This is upsetting but important reading: American women are dying at younger ages than their mothers. For some Americans, the reality is far worse than the national statistics suggest. In particular, growing health disadvantages have disproportionately impacted women over the… Continue Reading

Genderqueer ID’d

It’s such a rare thing, to find a news story about someone who identifies as genderqueer. Usually, the news tories are full of what I like to call “traditional trassexual people” – meaning, those who follow a traditional path, going… Continue Reading

Happy Creepy Halloween

This is my newest Best Thing Ever. (Here are some other versions of it. From what I can figure out, the performer’s name is Ryan Nobles Domingo, but if anyone knows more, let me know.)

TIL: Ashley Altadonna’s Top 30, Part 3

The problem isn’t just trans exclusion. It’s gender exclusion. Feminism is for everyone: #19 ONE OF THE GIRLS People sometimes ask me when I knew I was transgender.  Usually I say around the time puberty set in and the differences… Continue Reading