WTF? Texas Sucks (Trigger Warning)

Posted by – August 5, 2013

Two women get stopped for throwing cigarette butts out a car window while driving.

Texas cops then proceed to probe them both, both anally & vaginally. As Alternet notes, “Gloves were not changed between anal and vaginal probes, nor were they changed between women.” Yes, they used the same gloves on both women and on both cavities. Surely that is a health code violation of some kind – Daily Kos says it was illegal and points out that it happened on a public road where anyone driving by might see.

What the fuck is this?

The whole thing is on video. I didn’t think I’d even believe this happened, but there it is, clearly taking place. The video isn’t even at a distance. The cop puts on her gloves about 3 minutes in.

Can we just get rid of Texas already?

I am completely freaked out by this. Anyone else?

4 Comments on WTF? Texas Sucks (Trigger Warning)

  1. debutante says:

    I think it’s time to give Texas back to Mexico…

  2. cologirl says:

    Absolutely. Littering results in body cavity searches in the open with total disregard for hygiene. I agree with the woman’s comment about an eye-opening experience. This was so out of line and debasing.

  3. urmila says:

    It is disgusting to know that cops do this. I wonder what training is given to them and the level of education they have recieved

  4. JennL says:

    I sincerely doubt that littering would be considered a reasonable cause for for any form of search let alone this ugly episode, even in Texas. Just right the ticket and move on.
    Honestly, society is becoming completely unglued.

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