Letter to a Crossdresser’s Wife

And while I was away, Laura Stuart of Express Milwaukee wrote this column in response to a woman who wrote in having found out her husband crossdresses.  I think she does a great job for a short column, and of course I appreciate the mention. I’m wondering what some of you might have to say about the Craigslist ad and photo, though, as that seems a little suspect to me — as it does to the wife. It may just be an urge to be seen, but it may be something else, too.


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  1. It may just be an urge to be seen, but it may be something else, too.

    Indeed. Posting pictures online is a fairly common thing, but posting them on Craigslist? Yes, I’d certainly want to be asking him about that.

  2. I dunno. Speaking as someone who has experience posting ads on Craigslist and other adult forums, it’s hard as hell to get an actual other CDer, or anyone else for that matter, to show up. And yes, I know there are many “fans” out there who would show up, but what I’m saying is likely the husband would have to go a long, long way before he could take that step, if he’s ever going to. So I doubt that physical cheating has occurred. As far as any other kind, oh, yeah, he’s gotten some VERY enthusiastic correspondence no doubt, and I would be hardpressed to believe no further exchanges of pics has taken place.

    My husband is bi (I have always preferred bi men). Most crossdressers MAY be straight, but I’ll be damned if we have ever corresponded with any of them. “Straight” men, however, are legion. Sorry if that pisses anyone off. Just our not inconsiderable experience.

  3. What I meant to say is fans would show up for a single CDer. Being a couple makes it much trickier, it seems.

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