Coy Mathis Wins

At long last, great news: Coy Mathis was being discriminated against when her school stopped allowing her to use the girls’ room as she had been all along.

According to TLDEF:

This is the first ruling in the nation holding that transgender students must be allowed to use bathrooms that match who they are, and the most comprehensive ruling ever supporting the rights of transgender people to access bathrooms without harassment or discrimination.

Great, GREAT news.

4 Replies to “Coy Mathis Wins”

  1. At the time of the incident Coy was living just a few miles south of my mental health counseling practice in Colorado Springs, so this has been news many of us have been waiting breathlessly for since February. A huge victory, so proud of Colorado today! Thank you for posting the news. 🙂

  2. Fantastic news. I wish Coy a wonderful future from the great state of Colorado. Rays of promise,

  3. I love how clear-cut the decision was, in spite of the struggles they had with languaging differences between cisgender and transgender as well as sex and sexual orientation. Their bottom line was that if the state of Colorado recognizes her as female and the Federal government recognizes her as female, they weren’t impressed that her birth certificate from the Republic of Texas still has an “m” on it.

    She’s a girl, and they were discriminating based on the kind of girl she was,a nd that’s illegal. Awesome.

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