Allyson Robinson Fired from OutServe

A mere nine months into her position, Allyson Robinson was forced to step down as a result of what Bilerico is calling a “board coup”. There does seem to be evidence of board manipulation, but more than anything is the evidence that quite a few other board members – now a third of the board – have resigned in protest.

Because trans military were not included in DADT, and the US military still doesn’t accept openly service trans people, Robinson’s leadership was necessary. We in the trans community will keep watching this closely to see what happened, and where the organization – and the political mission of trans inclusion in the US military – will go from here.

Allyson is both a friend and colleague, and I have no doubt she will go on to do even more amazing things than she has already.

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  1. “A mere nine months … ”

    I don’t know anything about what really brought this to this end, we can all speculate, but, heck, as you said, I’ll be watching and wondering where OutServe goes regarding trans inclusion in the military.

    And, good luck and best wishes to Allyson and those leaving with her as they move on.

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