Class + Trans*

Here’s a nice piece about economics and class, specifically in the US, when it comes to trans people and transition. It’s written by a woman whose sister is transitioning to female. She ends the piece: In a perfect world, an… Continue Reading

Stella Walsh, Intersex Olympian

It’s an interesting clip, but this story by Matt Tullis – the story of the intersex Olympian – is ever better, detailing, sympathetically, some of what she and her fans experienced as a result of her autopsy and revelation. Stella… Continue Reading

So Great

(About the image.)

Proof Needed?

So here’s a weird story: a/n (assumedly cis) woman found the wrong gender marker on her birth certficate and so went to have it changed because she needed to renew her license. She was required to get a copy of… Continue Reading

The Night a Feminist Army…

… of loud angry bitches beat the GOP, is the full title. I absolutely love this article about what happened in Texas the night of the 25th. I stayed up and watched it as the midnight hour drew near and… Continue Reading


Occasionally, we do some things around here to increase queer visibility.

Shoulders of Giants

To all the people who started this fight but especially to those who didn’t get to see it end the way it has. So many. Too many. Thank you.

SCOTUS: DOMA Sucks and So Does Prop 8

Which many of us knew already, but which the SCOTUS has now, finally, ruled on. So DOMA is no longer Constitutional – equal protection and all that – and the previous ruling that Prop 8 was unconstitutional has been upheld,… Continue Reading

Filibuster In Progress: Texas

Ann Richards would be proud.

RIP Richard Matheson

I’m not a real science fiction junkie, but I am a Twilight Zone nerd; those shows were some of the first ways I started thinking about things in a more complicated, maybe even existential, way. & Matheson wrote some of… Continue Reading

Coming Out as a Bisexual Man

It’s so rare to read a coming out narrative by someone coming out as bi, much less as a bisexual man, but this one covers a lot of interesting ground, including why it took him so long to come out.… Continue Reading

Coy Mathis Wins

At long last, great news: Coy Mathis was being discriminated against when her school stopped allowing her to use the girls’ room as she had been all along. According to TLDEF: This is the first ruling in the nation holding… Continue Reading

Allyson Robinson Fired from OutServe

A mere nine months into her position, Allyson Robinson was forced to step down as a result of what Bilerico is calling a “board coup”. There does seem to be evidence of board manipulation, but more than anything is the… Continue Reading

Fund Seattle’s Trans Pride

It hasn’t happened since 1997, and now Seattle is having a Trans Pride March & Rally, but they need a little bit more funding. From their website: Why Give to this Campaign: Gender Justice League was excited to receive a… Continue Reading

Welcome Newbies

I’m noticing a lot of newbies reading and commenting here, so I just wanted to say hello, and maybe add a caveat: this blog is 10 years old, & there’s plenty I’ve written here that I don’t even agree with… Continue Reading

How (Not) To Be An Ally

My patience for snark is really, really low these days, but I still found some of the gems in “8 Ways Not To Be An “Ally”: A Non-Comprehensive List” pretty useful. But I’m still going to re-articulate them for those… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Joy Ladin

I had the chance recently to ask Joy Ladin, the author of Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey Between Genders, a few questions. What followed was a conversation about transition, marriage, separation, spirituality and religion. 1)      I was… Continue Reading

ATP: Association of Transgender Professionals

A press release about the launch of ATP crossed my desk the other day, which read in part: New York, NY, June 7, 2013 – The Association of Transgender Professionals (ATP), was formally dedicated this week, according to ATP Executive… Continue Reading

Minus Dad

I wanted to send my love out to all of you – which includes me – who don’t have a dad to celebrate this year. Some days, Facebook just feels like a plague of shitty, happy people. Still, I will… Continue Reading

Trans Elders

Although the language seems a little dated (“transgendered” and “T-girls” most especially) these seem like worthwhile studies and good for anyone providing medical services for trans people, especially an aging population. The transgendered population confronts a myriad of difficulties which… Continue Reading