6 Year Old Transgender Menace?

I love this graphic. Love it. (For those of you who don’t know, Transexual Menace is/was one of the first direct action trans rights groups, & it was formed in response to the transphobic screed written by Janice Raymond called The Transsexual Empire. Moving on…)


As I like to point out in my workshops, I am firmly convinced that we have a national, if not international, obsession with penises. OR, some people are just walking around with penis on the brain all the time.

(& You know, not in the good way.)

If you haven’t heard the story, TLDEF has filed a complaint on behalf of a six year old whose parents and teachers and fellow students recognize as female. She’s been using the girls’ bathroom for a long while, and first told her parents she was female at about 18 months old. But for some reason, she was recently banned from using the girls’ bathroom and told to use the boys’ bathroom.

Which is, yes, ridiculous. So let’s all get over this problem with genitals, can we? Genitals do not determine gender. Rinse and Repeat.

4 Replies to “6 Year Old Transgender Menace?”

  1. WTF is wrong with transsexual these days? That girls gender has clearly never changed. She’s as cisgendered as they come.

  2. This ‘menace’ photograph made me laugh!

    I am posting this picture wherever I can. People need to know what is real compared to what they read in the newspapers and magazines, and hear on TV. She is darling!


  3. You didn’t provide a link to the image to repost or reblog and to give credit to who created it. It may be used in the “free and fair use” copyright provision, but still someone made it and wants to share the story. A link would be nice.

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