This website is officially 10 years old today – it may be older than that, but that’s the earliest screen capture on file with the wayback machine. The online forums were there right from the start, too, when the site… Continue Reading

Why Trans People Need Marriage Equality, Too

So it turns out that Thomas Beatie is not being granted his divorce, for the worst possible reason: his marriage has been declared invalid, and a marriage that never existed can’t end in divorce. This is one of the many… Continue Reading

ENDA Update

And in the meantime, ENDA is being reviewed again with hopes of it being re-introduced.

Time to Boycott AZ (Again)

and here’s a quick bit with Masen Davis of the Transgender Law Center explaining on MSNBC: They’ve tied it to birth certificate gender, which is the hardest one to change (and, for that matter, is not likely to be carried… Continue Reading

The Rap Quotes Art Project

Cool. More here, including photos of the signs. I think my favorite is the one outside Carnegie Hall.


In all seriousness, this is why I went to the GLAAD Media Awards this year: their president announced that they will no longer use the actual words of the acronym because it doesn’t represent all the groups they are working… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Zach Wahls

I was lucky enough to meet Zach Wahls at a recent fundraiser and awards gala for Fair Wisconsin. He gave such an amazing talk and was such a cool guy that I couldn’t help but ask him a few things.… Continue Reading

Which State?

So you can take a quiz about LGBT issues to find out what state you should live in. I took it, and said Yes to all of them, and rated them all a 5, or “Very Important”. And here’s what’s… Continue Reading


Kate Bornstein only needs another $4k or so to make her $100k goal, so let’s do it!

Two Tune Tuesday: Fiona Apple

I love this.

Local Elections: Sarah Garb

My friend Sarah Gab is running for City Council here in Appleton, and she’s amazing – a new cool voice for the city, a lawyer, a mom, a Wisconsin native. Since most of you reading can’t vote for her –… Continue Reading

Stomach Ease Tea

This is not something I do often, or lightly, but having just been through a round of some stomach bug or flu, I’ve been drinking a lot of stomach ease tea, by Yogi Teas, and I swear by the stuff.… Continue Reading

“Goes Without Saying”

It’s been a while since I’ve griped about the petty bullshit involved in being the partner of a trans person, hasn’t it? I recently posted a photo of me and my wife at the GLAAD awards, and many, many people… Continue Reading

RIP Lucy Meadows

What a terrifically sad story:  Lucy Meadows transitions and is supported by her school and community but then excoriated and hounded by the press because of her transition. She has since committed suicide, it’s reported. This has to stop. There’s… Continue Reading

Really, Smith?

Hey, Smith alumnae – call out your alma mater, would you? They’ve returned a young trans woman’s application because she is not yet legally recognized as female by the state of CT (where it is possible to get your gender… Continue Reading

LU’s New Website

So my lovely wife has been working a lot of hours for a lot of months in order to create Lawrence University’s new website. It launched this week and I for one wanted to congratulate her on this gigantic project.… Continue Reading

And Back in the States…

… Arizona legislators want to make it illegal for people to use the “wrong” bathroom, and to make the offense punishable with fines and jail time. They’ve raised the usual bugaboo of pedophilia – which, if anyone has noticed, we… Continue Reading

Go Canada!

Canada has just passed a bill that would protect transgender people nationally. The Prime Minister voted against it, and it still has to make it through the Senate, but still: impressive. I’m adding a bit sent in by a reader… Continue Reading

Kate Bornstein Needs You

Kate Bornstein is fighting cancer. Help her kick its ass by donating something to help her pay her bills and for her treatment. I can say for one thing: I don’t know that I’d be around without her. Please let’s… Continue Reading

RIP Erica Andrews

What a sad thing to hear: Erica Andrews, who was still in her early 40s, died of a lung infection a week ago now. She was not, as the articles make her out to be, a “drag queen” or “female… Continue Reading