Cool Masculinity: Phi Alpha Tau

These guys just made me smile: one of their frat brothers needs chest surgery, so they’re raising the funds – and the awareness – so he can get it. Awesome.

Trans Employment

CNN ran this article on trans people and employment and economics a few days ago and it occurred to me that perhaps this is new news to some people. It’s a known problem within the trans universe, although of course… Continue Reading


  Wow, it’s snowing again, for like the 18th time this week, feels like. I have decided that there will be an exclamation point next to my little weather app until April, although at that point, of course, tornado season… Continue Reading

Me @ Esprit & on the West Coast

For the very first time since the publication of My Husband Betty I’m going to be doing a conference & keynote talk on the West Coast – specifically, at Esprit, up in Port Angeles, WA. I’ll be there on May… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Amanda Palmer

it doesn’t matter if you want it back / you’ve given it away he’s already on the outskirts i’m still pulling at his sweatshirt he is says ‘fate is not a factor’ i’m in love with a reactor i just… Continue Reading

Band Together: Trayvon Martin

It’s been a year since Trayvon Martin was shot and killed for wearing a hoodie and carrying an iced tea and a pack of Skittles. He would have turned 18 this month. This artwork is by Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski. Go… Continue Reading

Violence & Bisexual People

Via FORGE and Loree Cook-Daniels: The recently-released National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, 2010 Findings on Victimization by Sexual Orientation, held many surprises, not the least of which was that bisexual men and women are, overall, the most at… Continue Reading

TED x Allyson Robinson

I suppose I can say “we knew her when” as Allyson was a member of our community forums for a long while. To me, these are the standout pieces, but do go listen to the whole thing: ” In our… Continue Reading

I Certainly Hope So

“Do you think I’ve gone round the bend?” “I’m afraid so. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If You Can’t See Anything Beautiful About Yourself, Get a Better Mirror

I love that line. & I love the art, too. But this line: “A balancing act that has less to do with pain, & more to do with beauty” is right on.

The Drag Show

Tonight is Lawrence’s Drag Show, put on by (mostly) LGBTQIAA students, and I think it’s the 4th (5th?) one I’ve been here for. I haven’t missed one. I get to go whether or not I drag anyone with me, and… Continue Reading

Louis (for my mom)

I went to see some jazz the night of my mother’s birthday & realized I didn’t put up any music for her, so mom, this one’s for you. This track’s pretty great, too, and was recorded the same year my… Continue Reading

I Love This (Fat) Woman.

I love this marvelous fat woman who wrote this article called “How Not to Be a Dick to your Fat Friends”. First, because of her awesome hair. Second, because she’s written things like this: Almost inevitably, other women chime in… Continue Reading

Mr. & Mr.

I so love that this guy wrote to the AP to let them know that he & his husband use the term “husband” with each other. Apparently the AP is supposed to not use the terms for same sex couples… Continue Reading

Vote Today, Wisconsin

Here are Fair Wisconsin’s Endorsements for tomorrow’s vote: Wisconsin Supreme Court: Ed Fallone Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, District 2 Special Election: Khalif Rainey and Ravae Sinclair (dual endorsement) Milwaukee Public Schools, Board of School Directors District 6: Tatiana Joseph… Continue Reading

Queer Little Poem

I happened upon this little poem the other day & it struck me as so spare and so shocked with emotion. He would not stay for me, and who can wonder by A. E. Housman He would not stay for… Continue Reading

Happy 83rd Birthday, Mom!

  They were Brooklyn kids, can you tell? Sweet and tough all at once. (& Yes, we all still miss the big galoot in the photo, & we miss him a lot.) They were in their early 20s when this… Continue Reading

Hansberry’s Truth

“Eventually it comes to you,” observes Lorraine Hansberry, “the thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which must also make you lonely.” – quoted in Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins

Fixed Donate Link

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Photos by Alex Colby

My friend Alex takes really cool photos, like these two of Eli. Find more here.