Dear Brandon: 20 Years Ago Today…

20 years ago tonight Brandon Teena was murdered. Two friends, Lisa Lambert and Philip DeVine, were killed with him. 20 years ago the trans community protested that Brandon was not killed because he was a “lesbian” but because of his… Continue Reading

Five Questions With: Danielle Askini, Gender Justice League

I met activist and Gender Justice League founder Danielle Askini a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. She was then, and remains to this day, one of my favorite trans activists and educators. 1. Tell me… Continue Reading

Jailed for Life for Stealing a Coat

There’s something very wrong going on. A shocking new study by the American Civil Liberties Union has found that more than 3,200 people nationwide are serving life terms without parole for nonviolent offenses. Of those prisoners, 80 percent are behind… Continue Reading

Trans Marriage Precedent

I was so excited to read this I got shivers. A couple in Indiana got divorced after the husband transitioned to female, and were working out an amicable agreement when a circuit court judge rejected their divorce petition on the… Continue Reading

Merry Betty Christmas!

Merry Christmas.


Slicing Up Eyeballs Christmas Mix 2013 by Slicing Up Eyeballs on Mixcloud

Turing Officially Pardoned

Well that’s overdue, but Merry Christmas Eve! Queen Elizabeth has finally officially pardoned Alan Turing. He was convicted of being a homosexual despite his amazing work breaking the Enigma Code during WWII.  

Five Questions With: The GENDER Book’s Creative Team

Three years ago, Mel, Robin, and Jay noticed a ton of discrimination and just a general lack of education around gender. They asked themselves “why isn’t there just a book you can hand your therapist and say here, read page… Continue Reading

Interview with Yours Truly

I haven’t done one of these in forever and a day, but here’s a brief interview with me by a very lovely crossdresser named Vivienne who asked me a bunch of questions. I answered most of them. Here are the… Continue Reading

Freedom Writers

I was talking to my mom about Nelson Mandela yesterday, & she reminded me that when I was a young whippersnapper, maybe around 17, I got her to write letters to the South African government to free him. She added,… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… ?

I just sent out two sets of interview questions – one to an activist I like, the other to a few people who’ve made a book – and it occurred to me that I don’t do these very often anymore,… Continue Reading

Free Nelson Mandela

I’ve waited a bit to post this song & video because it’s so celebratory it didn’t seem quite right on the day of Mr. Mandela’s death, but now, maybe it’s time. This song & video were recorded in 1985 and… Continue Reading

Cleveland Trans Murders

Two violent murders of trans people happened in two days in Cleveland. Brittany Stergis, 22, was found shot in her car. Betty Skinner, 52, was found dead in her apartment, apparently of head injuries. Neither has been labeled a hate… Continue Reading

Because No-one Is Perfect.

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Defense Attorney Reveals Culture’s Transphobia

First: At least some justice has been served in the case of Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, who was killed in March 2010. So at least there has been some justice for another trans woman who was killed by a tranphobic, violent man.… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Soft Cell

They were one of my favorite bands: I finally got to see them live, too, many, many, many years after I’d memorized all the lyrics to all their songs, & Marc gave me a hug after. You can watch for… Continue Reading

Tom Daley’s Not Gay

I don’t know (or care, really) who Tom Daley is, but here’s the thing: all day they’ve been saying he’s gay, when he says he “still fancies girls” but is happy to be in a relationship currently with a man.… Continue Reading

World AIDS Day

This is the kind of thing I find myself teaching, or referring to, because I teach things that touch on the history of sexuality and on LGBTQ issues. It’s very hard to get across what it was like to younger… Continue Reading

Vaginal Knitting

I can’t really say how much I love this. (via Gawker)