No Liberty, Just Death

Not this year, but every year forever, these families’ holidays will be full of horrible memory. What a shitty, shitty thing. All that trauma, of the kids & the families & the teachers. Enough already.

I would like to see a month-long moratorium on gun sales every time a shooting like this occurs. Or maybe a month for every person killed.

Really I’d like to see us kick the NRA out of the goddamn country. I can’t imagine how all this death & trauma is worth anything to anyone. Even an idea. There is no liberty here. Just death.

If a civilized country can’t keep our school-aged children safe, we have no business being a country at all. Sorry, but we don’t.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    I guess we could send our little ones in body armor to school, or equip our teachers with FN P90 submachine guns with armor-piercing bullets to fit against crazy well-armed kids in body armor, or we could just make sure that guns and body armor are only given to people who should have them; soldiers and law enforcement.

    I despair, though. This is really about the mental health of an entire nation. It’s legal to spew hatred, untruth, crazy-ass conspiracy theories in this country where we seem, in certain sectors, to have an unquenchable thirst for them.

    Our congress will pontificate all day long about Benghazi(in the past) and gay marriage, but they quiver like little rodents before Grover Norquist and Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.

    Every house in Switzerland has a sophisticated weapon in it, and they don’t kill each other in the numbers we do.

    I despair, but I’ll back Senators Feinstein ,Schumer and my President to the max to do something, anything.

  2. New facts are emerging that the killer was taking some anti-psychotic drug. In many of the school shootings, the shooters were on some kind of anti-psychotic drug.

  3. Right. We’ll stop at nothing to fight terrorism, even starting trillion-dollar wars with uninvolved countries on the off chance that they might kill Americans at some point in the future.

    Unless the killers are Americans, of course. In that case it’s totally unpatriotic to do anything whatsoever to trim the death toll.

    There are eighty gun deaths a day. As a culture, we’ve decided we’re basically OK with that. Sandy Hook was not even an unusual day (except for the attention-getting concentration on young middle-class kids).

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