Help for Oceanside

Oceanside, NY, is my hometown.

The personal reports I have been hearing from friends going home to help parents clean up after the storm, from my brother and other friends and their relatives who are still in town, are heart-breaking. One of my friends went home to throw out almost every family photo album — because they were stored in the basement. Even once people re-build and cleanup, so many things will have been lost forever.

Do help if you can. From the makers of the video: “Hurricane Sandy destroyed our beautiful town, but not our amazing spirit! If you would like to help you can contact Oceanside Community Service or send checks made out to Oceanside Community Service and send them to 145A Merle Ave. Oceanside, NY 11572.”

If you do, tell them the Kramers sent you.

Here’s some more raw footage of the day after Sandy.

And a huge thank you to Oceanside, CA, our sister city, who mobilized to raise funds.