4 More Years: Forward

It is so, so good to live in a country that makes sense to me. Thank you, all of you, but thank you so much to all the women of this country. We rocked it.

Rape apologists voted out, & a feminist President re-elected.

Wisconsin (woot!) elects the first openly gay U. S. Senator with Tammy Baldwin. New Hampshire now has a female governor and two female senators, which is pretty damned cool, too. & There were a ton of other victories for women all over the country in all kinds of races.

Maine votes in same sex marriage by ballot. Maryland approves same sex marriage too. (It’s leading in Washington, too, which would mean a total of 9 states would legally recognize same sex partnerships. That’s just about a fifth.)

2 Replies to “4 More Years: Forward”

  1. The tide is turning! I especially love Maine — voters repealing their own rejection of same sex marriage from just three years ago — as a bellwether for the thirty-eight states that still have anti-marriage laws. Wisconsin and others will follow, hopefully soon!

  2. Can we please call it what it is, marriage equality? The more we use same-sex marriage, the more we give the opponents the opportunity to single gay and transpeople out as undeserving for marriage. The goal is equality for any two adults, all other criteria being met under the law, can marry regardless of the sex or gender. That’s equality.

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