Race Matters

I’m going to be teaching Cornel West’s Race Matters next year, to first year students, and was compiling some links for my colleagues, but thought you all might appreciate them too: To start, here’s the man himself, Nate Silver, on… Continue Reading


I moderated a panel of four local trans people for an event initially scheduled for TDOR. They were all amazing: well spoken, focused, honest, heartfelt. I didn’t really have to do much as a moderator, to be honest, but did… Continue Reading

Got Milk?

“. . . let that bullet destroy every closet door in the country.” – Harvey Milk, speaking of his own future assassination & what our response to it should be. He was killed 34 years ago today. My friend David… Continue Reading

None Here

Deli Man Trailer from Erik Anjou on Vimeo. Sadly, Appleton doesn’t have a deli, not a real one, anyway, & I haven’t seen any in other parts of the state, but I can’t say I’ve looked too carefully, either. WI… Continue Reading

AIS, CAH, Sequential Hermpaphroditism, & Reciprocal Copulation

This is a great short article on the ambiguities of sex as expressed by humans, mammals, fish and various other creatures, and covers topics like chromosomal variety, embryonic sex determination, and reproductive strategies. It’s a nice Sex 101 – and… Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

To you & yours. I hope everyone is having a good day, whether it’s full of family and friends or whether you’re sitting down to a quiet TV dinner on your own.

As Do We All, Frank.

A Brief History of Trans

GLAAD did this. It’s pretty cool. It focuses mainly on highly visible, media kind of things at the end (otherthan legislation), but otherwise, interesting stuff. Lots missing, of course, but the idea wasn’t to be comprehensive – just to give… Continue Reading

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2012

Here’s what I’ve got this year: I want this day to go the fuck away. Not because it’s not valuable and intentional and useful. It is all of those things. It serves a useful function. It helps people understand the… Continue Reading

Post Irony

I was thinking recently, as a friend was posting her thoughts about Prometheus on Facebook while watching that movie, that I wonder if we have forgotten how to like things because they’re good. I’ve been watching the British version of… Continue Reading

ENDA Update

Finally, someone new to take on ENDA! A Colorado congressman who’s set to become the most senior openly gay member of the U.S. House is pledging to take the lead on perhaps the most high-profile piece of pro-LGBT legislation: the… Continue Reading

The Bullet We Dodged

Romney explains why Obama won by saying he gave gifts to various minority constituencies: “With regards to the young people, for instance, a forgiveness of college loan interest, was a big gift,” he said. “Free contraceptives were very big with… Continue Reading

HONY Fundraiser

There’s a photographer in New York who wanders around the city photographing people; he calls his work “Humans of New York” and they are very, very cool photos. Cat on Head Man is a recent favorite. HONY is doing a… Continue Reading

LGBTQ Korean-American Stories

This seems like a cool project, so I told an old friend I’d post it here: I am reaching out to you again to seek support for Dari Project’s goal of publishing a bilingual book of stories of the Korean… Continue Reading

Where Dreams Come From

This was drawn by a young artist I know named Simon Garb. He’s 11, and ridiculously funny and cool. (Please do not share without making sure he is credited.)

Congratulations, Senator(-elect) Baldwin!

& Wow did we need to keep Glass-Steagall. & We need it back. But it was also a striking affirmation of Ms. Baldwin, 50, a soft-spoken but unflinching seven-term congresswoman who won over voters in her native state without moderating… Continue Reading

Help for Oceanside

Oceanside, NY, is my hometown. The personal reports I have been hearing from friends going home to help parents clean up after the storm, from my brother and other friends and their relatives who are still in town, are heart-breaking.… Continue Reading

Beatie Divorce

Sadly, the Beaties filed for divorce in March. That is sad news for them and their children, but the ramifications of this divorce and the legal precedent it could set might be sad for a lot more people. Here’s the… Continue Reading

LGBT Voting: 90% for Obama

CMI Election Poll: • 90% of Gays and Lesbians Vote for Barack Obama • LGBTs are second only to the African American community in support for President Obama The Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) pre-election poll showed that 90% of… Continue Reading

Me @ Wisconsin Book Fest

I’ll be doing a reading with my friend & fellow trans partner Miriam Hall tonight at A Room of One’s Own bookstore in Madison for the Wisconsin Book Festival. If you’re anywhere nearby, please do come. We start at 5:30PM.… Continue Reading