Go Lana!

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  1. Very poignant and touching speech on growing up Transgender. Easy for me and likely most of us to relate to. She also has a fantastic sense of humor!
    Lana is a very successful Hollywood director. What a great advocate for the Trans community. I am going to go see “Cloud Atlas” at the first opportunity.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I saw this awesome speech on Huffington Post, was hoping it would show up on YouTube so I could save it. Lana is a gorgeous human being, beautiful, erudite speaker, and tremendous advocate. Bravo!!

  3. I think this speech is quietly earth-shaking. It’s about her humanity, and not her *TRANS* ness. I also love her healthy skepticism of the notion of “transition”, and it doesn’t hurt that she is as hilarious as she is moving.

    I may come out because of this speech. That’s pretty Goddamned powerful.

  4. Hell yes, divadarya, pretty goddamned powerful is right. Brought me to tears too. As someone who succeeded so brilliantly and maintained and defended such anonymity for so long in a cutthroat and relentlessly, publically over-lit business, this speech by this beautiful, eloquent, quirky, sardonic, stylin’, hip, drily hilarious lady will resonate and ripple outward on the sea of humanity with its binary obsession yet its rainbow of genders for a very long time. Wisdom gained of pain, patience and contemplation from someone who didn’t need or want to do this for fame or money, but who, as her final words show, understands, and with well-earned strength and much-deserved respect, accepts that as she does this, she, in her position and with her accomplishments, is the rising tide that lifts all boats. She’s brilliant and has done a great thing to help bring us all closer to acceptance and ‘normal’ in a society that has no choice but to reckon with her.

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